Environmental Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating

Aside from the obvious advantages of attractiveness and durability for investing in epoxy floor coating, there’s also another reason to consider this flooring option: it’s eco-friendly! How is epoxy flooring better for the environment?

Epoxy Floor Coating | FloorGuard.comDurability: Because epoxy coatings are virtually indestructible once cured, they will not erode or dissolve chemicals into the environment. Additionally, their resistance to chipping and other damage means floor particles won’t break off and turn into waste or pollution.

Reduced Need for Lighting: Epoxy floors are shiny and reflective, thus lowering the level of lighting needed in your facility. The reflectiveness of epoxy coating can more than double the brightness in a room, with no need for increasing wattage or turning on more lights. Not only do you save energy by using less lighting, but you also save money on your power bill!

Less Use of Cleaning Chemicals: When your floor resists spills and stains, the need for cleaning it with potentially harmful chemicals is reduced or even eliminated. Epoxy floors are not absorbent, which means spills can easily be wiped up with a cloth and water.

With all of its environmental benefits, epoxy floor coating pays for itself! Consider using this eco-friendly flooring option in your home or business.