Epoxy Coating Systems- An Overview

Epoxy coating systems are a great concrete resurfacing alternative for industrial, residential and commercial floors. This is because there are many types of garage floor resurfacing which are designed for different uses. That is not all as the longevity of the epoxy systems is simply unbeatable. For instance, the Industrial epoxy coating can last from fifteen to thirty years, depending on the application used.

Some people might think that epoxy coating is only suitable for garage floors, although it is one of the best solutions for garage floors, they can also be used in other areas in the house including the basement. If the basement has water problems, there are garage floor epoxy applications that are waterproof which means that the users will not have to change the carpets and clean whenever it rains. They can easily whip out their vacuum cleaner and get it cleaned in the matter of minutes. This type of epoxy is also resistant against mildew and mold, which means that you do not have to worry about the development of these dangerous things at your basement or garage floor.

Like anything, not all epoxy coatings are created in the same way. This is why it is important to be careful when choosing the type you want to apply to your floors. It is advised to use 100% solid epoxy because they are guaranteed to live for a long period of time, they can live for up to five years or even more, depending on the intensity of the traffic. You will come across cheaper epoxy coatings that are sold at chain stores, these are most likely filled with filler materials and they will not live more than 6 months or a year and they will start to peel off. So it is advised to spend more time looking for 100% solids because it is well worth the time and money. If you think about it, you will be saving money in the long run because you will not have to re apply the coating every year. As mentioned before, there are various types of epoxy garage floor coverings, here are some of the most commonly used ones:

Singe Broadcast:

This type includes one epoxy coat with a flake or a quartz broadcast into the mix with a UV protective top coating, which will prevent the UV rays from affecting the coating.

Double Broadcast:

This one includes one epoxy coat with a flake like the above-mentioned type but it has an additional coat of epoxy that is applied on top of the first one with another broadcast of quartz or flake. It also comes with one UV resistant coating.

Metallic Epoxy:

This has a 100% prime coat of epoxy that has a top coat made out of metallic epoxy that can be coated with a urethane. This type is commonly used for decorative purposes.

Epoxy Quartz:

This one is formed by adding colored quartz sand, which is broadcast to the base coat. This one usually needs a double broadcast of the quartz layer. It forms a very durable type, which is convenient for porches and restaurant kitchen.