Epoxy Commercial Kitchen and Restaurant Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a popular floor protectant that has been used in commercial and industrial environments for years. It was initially used in the 1950s in the aircraft and missile facilities. Today, to protect various surfaces an epoxy resin is applied because it resists liquid stains and more. Epoxy floors are easy to keep clean, it is non-inflammable, and it is tough enough under extreme conditions. The epoxy resin can be applied to floor surfaces like concrete, tile, hardwood, plywood, vinyl, stone, cement, steel, and more.

Other advantages of using epoxy flooring involve its adhesive properties, meaning that it does not crack or chip. Epoxy can withstand chemical spills, holds up under heavy objects laid on top of it or dropped on top of it, heavy traffic, it keeps a natural high glossy finish during its lifetime and it is not slippery even though it maintains, a high sheen surface.

Applying epoxy to a floor can be a DIY project, but because of its intrinsic flooring value, it should be applied by a licensed contractor. The reason for using a professional is that it requires the right application temperature, a clean greaseless surface, a possible top coat and/or primer should be applied, and it requires nearly 24-hours before it starts to harden. Only licensed professional specialists are trained to know the diverse types of bonding strength needed depending on the original surface and the time it takes to adhere.

Epoxy can be a floor coating for homeowners if it is limited to a basement construction or a garage surface. If you are planning to put a finish on your basement floor, epoxy is a great waterproof sealant. When used in your garage it makes a great sturdy finish that lasts through car traffic, workshop tools dropping on the floor or motorcycles or bikes tipping over.

The reason why commercial and industrial sites should choose epoxy flooring is its custom decorative coverings. You can order epoxy in custom coloring, custom designs, or logos to match your industry name and various textures like pebble and aggregates. Not only does an epoxy floor keep for years, it also seldom needs maintenance. Epoxy coating is environmentally safe to use in sterile-style working conditions, like restaurants, medical facilities, laboratories, educational institutions, and all types of facilities, plants, warehouses, etc.

Floors with epoxy coverings are an anti-fungal killing compound which repels mildew, mold, fungi, odor causing germs and bacteria species of all types. Also, epoxy floors are an uninterrupted and impermeable design, which means that they keep insects and pests out of your company because wall seams, pipe openings, and drain lines are completely sealed.