Epoxy Floor Coating Palos Hills – A Solution to Hot Tire Marks

Epoxy Floor Coating Palos Hills – A Solution to Hot Tire Marks

Our garage can be the least used area in the house; on the other hand, it gets the most abuse. This is because the garage is where the heavy tools are stored and homeowners usually drag them across the garage instead of carrying them. It is also where the car is parked which means that the garage floor will suffer from a lot of hot tire marks, oil, other fluid leaks and AC runoff.

The hot tire marks represent the biggest problem as it leaves big black marks on the garage flooring which causes an unpleasant sight to everyone. Before talking about how to eliminate those, we have to know what causes them. Contrary to public belief, it is not always the bad flooring that causes it as it can be the tires themselves. The composition of the tires and how it reacts to heat build-up is the problem.  For the tire to be considered a high-quality tire, its composition has to include a polymer. This will make it highly resistant against wear and tear as well as making it flat proof. This is why most car owners use this kind of high quality tires so they do not risk getting a flat tire while driving. The problem with it is that the polymer substance, when it is heated while moving and if it gets in contact with concrete, it will leave those tire impressions.

So, you can get rid of these tire marks by using a low quality tire that does not have polymers but of course, having a high quality tire that will not blow up in the middle of the road is a priority. This is why there is another solution to hot tire marks, this solution is applying epoxy floor coating, Palos Hills among other places in Chicago such as Barrington have plenty of epoxy floor coating Barrington service providers that can get the job done for you.

Epoxy flooring is a very resistant and a durable coating material that can last for ages. You only apply it once and never worry about it again. It is resistant to hot tire marks, this does not mean that they will not occur but it means that when they do, they can be easily cleaned with water and soap. They do not stick to the flooring like other flooring materials. They are also resistant to water, chemicals and dense foot traffic. All of this makes it the perfect coating material for your garage floor.

Contacting Epoxy Flooring Downers Grove Firms

Of course, before you can apply it, you have to check for a few things, according to experts, you might need to remove the flooring system you have before applying the coating. In order to seek professional services, if you live in Palos Hills or Downers Grove, you can hire one of the many epoxy flooring Palos Hills or epoxy floor coating Downers Grove experts who can help you with the installation of the floor coating.