Floorguard Epoxy Flooring Colors & Finishes

To create a floor that’s just right for your home, you can select from a variety of systems and attractive colors designed to complement fine homes of every style. Simply click on the systems below to view the beautiful colors that Floorguard® has to offer!

New Metallic Colors 2021

Crushed Granite System Colors

Granite System Colors

Chipped Stone System Colors

Solid Granite System Colors

Your home is unique and completely customized to you and your tastes – why should your flooring be any different? Floorguard® makes it easy to complete your garage, recreation room, or other space with a variety of floor colors to choose from. Not only do Floorguard® epoxy floor coatings make your space look great, but they also add value and protection by creating a moisture barrier for your concrete floor.

Whether you’re feeling adventurous and want a bold finish or prefer something more neutral or contemporary, you’ll have plenty of options to consider when you browse our gallery below. We have something for every sense of style!

Have questions about which Floorguard® epoxy floor coating finish may be right for your space? Need a moisture barrier for concrete floors in a commercial setting? Contact our customer service team and we’d be happy to help you find the perfect Floorguard® products to suit your residential or commercial application.