Epoxy Flooring – Chicago Homeowners Consider Long-Lasting Benefits Over Costs

Home renovation objectives today no longer focus on making changes to keep up with styles and trends but more on achieving durability, permanence and timeless elegance. In fact the development of long lasting, and at the same time stylish flooring materials have become a science in itself. A look at the application of epoxy flooring in Chicago homes can attest to how technological developments made many homeowners floor-happy. Deciding to invest in epoxy flooring is all a matter of adhering to a simple tenet: if one is about to embark on some changes, the changes might as well be for good.

Owners of Chicago homes who replaced their floors with epoxy flooring are more at ease and at peace. Their new floors can now withstand all the elements that caused their previous home flooring to go bad. After all, epoxy flooring initially proved significant in industrial environments in which a flurry of day-today activities, wheeled contraptions and heavy machinery regularly coursed over the work areas. To date, residential sites benefit from the following proven qualities:

Robustness – The presence of resins in epoxy flooring systems makes the surface more resistant to heavy foot traffic and against the pressure created by heavy home appliances, particularly in the kitchen and in the garage. Floors remain firm and stay in shape because its non-porous quality creates a tight bond that is hard to break; even in the most adverse conditions posed by climate, chemical substances and the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Stain and Corrosion Resistance – The thick top coating of the resin-based flooring material also proved highly resistant against acidic and/or alkaline substances that spilled on industrial floors. Even the use of strong cleaning substances to remove stubborn dirt stains from oils and lubricant does not pose as a problem. Such qualities make the flooring system doubly ideal for homes, as these reduce, if not eliminate, the need for costly repairs and cleaning procedures.

Ageless Elegance – Any floor that appears smooth, flawless and gleaming creates an aura of fashionable style. More so if the color remains bright and even throughout the years, regardless of the amount of sunlight that other areas tend to receive. Although the floors may need re-application of wax coating to maintain its sparklingly clean appearance, the cost is still minimal if compared to the costs incurred in replacing chipped, warped or faded flooring materials in order to keep the floors looking presentable.

However, achieving these qualities can only be possible if the installation process and the epoxy materials used, meet the same high standards required in industrial settings. Many contend that residential flooring does not go through the same level of wear and tear as those found in industrial environments. Keep in mind though, that frequency and level of exposure to harsh conditions are not the only considerations. In Chicago, the future savings from the cost-efficiency of a flooring that can prolong and maintain its robustness and elegance for ages, is reason enough to invest in an industrially proven epoxy flooring system.