Epoxy Flooring for Gray Concrete Floors

Are you sick of the cold, damp, cracked concrete garage floor that you have? Do you want to finally “finish” your garage, so you can entertain guests in style? Epoxy flooring is a hot new way for you to create a beautiful, durable, long-lasting garage surface.

“Boring Damp Gray Concrete Floors”

Have you ever been working on your antique car on your concrete floor and noticed how cold, damp and smelly the environment was? Damp concrete floors can hold in a lot of moisture, leading to a heavily musty smell. You might also have sharp, jagged edges if the concrete cracks.

“Wireless Internet Garage Entertainment Center”

Wouldn’t you be embarrassed to invite your important business clients over to see your classical car, if your garage was damp, smelly and uninviting? They might even trip over a crack protruding from your floor.

You can connect your home or business Internet throughout your entire property. Set up a large-screened television, computer or radio out in your garage and enjoy the interior environment while you work on your cars. You can enjoy your hobby in comfort.

Nowadays, the top residential and commercial garages are replacing their old, outdated garage floors with modern epoxy flooring. This is a heat-treated resin that binds to create a solid, cushioned, easy-to-clean garage surface.

“Beautiful Epoxy Colors Available”

You can change the color of the flakes in the resin to get exactly the shade you want. Metallic color schemes are particularly popular, along with a variety of different standard paint chip colors. You can even add special aggregate to create a non-skid surface. Another unique coating can protect against “hot tire pickup.” How many concrete surfaces offer this much variety?

Colored concrete usually starts to crumble after a couple of years. Epoxy has a special curing process that makes the substance bind together to create a solid surface. This epoxy flooring is resistant to oil, gasoline, anti-freeze and brake fluids. They won’t stain the resin, simply wipe spills up with a mop and everything is good as new.

“Renovate Old Home”

Some experienced carpenters like to purchase old homes, renovate them and make a little profit through “house flipping.” Upgrading the garage can be a great way to add value to the resale price. This will especially attract wealthy buyers who might have extensive antique car collections.

The process for application of the beautiful epoxy flooring is quite extensive. First, the old concrete floor must be made level – holes must be filled in. Then, professionals will need to perform floor grinding, shot blasting or acid etching for surface preparation.

Since there are a number of chemicals that need to be combined for the perfect epoxy floor, you should find certified garage floor resurfacing services to ensure the job is done correctly and safely. The highest quality epoxy garage floors may involve a number of different layers, including substrate, primer and the top epoxy coat. Create a durable, absorbent, chemical-resistant epoxy garage floor that will make everyone happy.