Epoxy Flooring For Industrial Purposes

Epoxy flooring is known as a very durable and flexible type of choice for flooring meant for industrial purposes. This can improve an industrial space, completely renovate existing space at a facility, or it can provide a unique design that makes your work environment more appealing. The process of applying epoxy garage flooring is also very easy, making it a favorable choice for many work environments and offices as well. The output of using an epoxy flooring is also great for many industrial locations, and it has even “wowed” bosses when they looked at the result of their flooring requests. The protection that epoxy flooring can provide to your working space is also top-class, guaranteeing you a good ROI and an irreplaceable floor for the years to come.

What Exactly Is An Epoxy Floor?

First of all, epoxy flooring is known for its redeeming qualities: good looks, flexibility as flooring and toughness. The flooring is more of a procedure that involves the usage of epoxy resin, rather than installing it just like tile flooring. The process is done by applying a resin layer and a hardener to a surface of the floor. The old flooring will never look the same anymore once the resin has been applied, but the flooring should be cured first. After curing, another layer will be applied to the floor, and another curing process must be done. The layers are applied repeatedly until all the layers measure 2mm in depth already.

The 2mm depth is the standard measurement for the resin to be ultimately treated as an epoxy floor. Regardless of the application, the new flooring should be very durable to any damage or weight of materials that pass by through the floor. The thickness also supplements to the floor’s already-durable state; even harsh industrial environments can handle and keep the flooring for several years.

Options For Designing The Flooring

Epoxy flooring is just as fun as thinking about a way to customize other floor types. Epoxy flooring is more flexible than most types of flooring, making it perfect for industrial facilities such as offices, factories, hospitals and even schools. Here are the other things that you can do to provide a decent design when applying an epoxy floor:
Logo Attachment – You can embed logos or other types of artwork on the epoxy flooring. The logo or artwork’s material is often inserted before or during the application of resin layers.
Applying Materials – You can add depth towards the flooring by adding other substances such as gravel. You can also add up the texture of the flooring and provide it with a better design by adding small materials like beads.
More Design With Color – All you need to do is to add color to the resin or by adding a colored panel as you add layers to the applied resin layer can provide additional color to the flooring. You can also apply colorful plastic pieces as well for a low-budget designing solution.
Improving The Floor’s Quality – For certain facilities that may need a technical type of floor such as an anti-slipping feature, the epoxy should be poured with specialized solutions to add extra technical features to your flooring.

Epoxy Is Toughness

The epoxy flooring is extremely durable as the resin, and hardened quality of the epoxy is extremely tough, so then it can last for several years. The resin is also known to be incredibly resilient, so then it can withstand any weight that may impact on the floor. Some may think that tiles and tougher floors made of concrete or steel may be a better option, but this form of surface sealing process is the same as the two materials. What gave it a slight advantage is its cost which is lower than the two already-durable materials.