Epoxy Flooring in West Chester Homes

Whether you want to beautify your home’s most utilitarian space or add to the functional life of your flooring, epoxy flooring does the job. An epoxy covering turns a cement floor into a shiny showroom-style floor that provides a showcase for your vehicles. It’s also a tough flooring surface that lasts through even the roughest treatment. Epoxy flooring also makes a great choice in utility rooms, workshops and commercial spaces in West Chester.

You’ve got style. Your floors should, too. As durable as epoxy flooring is, it also provides a plethora of style choices. You pick the color you’d like from an understated solid color to a bright blend with color flakes. You might choose your favorite color or the colors of your Alma mater or favorite sports team. It’s all up to you since epoxy begins as a liquid, unlike other flooring options like tile, you get to choose the exact color and style you desire. You’re not limited by a manufacturer’s run or a designer’s seasonal choices.


Although it can change the color of your existing flooring, epoxy is not a paint. Some paints do contain a small percentage of epoxy, but it’s not the same thing. To get a little technical, epoxy is a thermosetting resin formed by mixing one part each of epoxy resin and polyamine hardener. The polyamine hardener gives epoxy flooring its strength. As it cures, a chemical reaction occurs that produces a coating considerably thicker than paint and a tenacious surface bond. This creates a finished durable surface that resists damage from impacts, chipping, staining, and surface abrasions and scratching.


Properly applied and cured epoxy flooring covers minor imperfections in your existing floor. It covers up spider cracks and cement flaws. As a topical sealer, it cuts down on the dust created from cement floors. That keeps your vehicles and items stored in the garage cleaner. It’s also moisture resistant which helps those in colder climates to keep their garage free of road salts and ice brines that collect on cement flooring during winter.

A professional installation provides the best results. Many manufacturers now offer warranties of up to 15 years or more for professional installation of an epoxy floor. A critical step, floor preparation, requires grinding, acid etching, or shot blasting of the cement. If not done properly, the epoxy won’t adhere.

Patching large cement cracks or other concrete damage is another must before epoxy application. A common application starts with an epoxy primer and continues with a minimum of three coats of epoxy. Depending on the epoxy type, curing time can take between two and five days. That means you’ll need to park elsewhere until curing completes.

Now is a great time to make your garage or workshop floor more durable and attractive. Call your flooring professional today to learn more about this beautiful, economical flooring option.