Epoxy flooring is an accumulation of epoxy resins

Epoxy flooring is an accumulation of epoxy resins that provide a durable and reliable means to cover the flooring inside of your garage. However, epoxy can been used in many different facets such as dental work, coating for metal fabrications, electrical insulation, and much more. Epoxy, for lack of a better term, is like the duct tape of the resin world in terms of its versatility and usability.
If you’ve ever taken a step into a higher end garage you may have noticed an elegant glass-like finish to the floor you’re walking on. This is one of the many reason so many individuals choose to use epoxy flooring within their space. It’s classy and highly versatile while providing water resistant properties that would often ruin a concrete floor.

Similarly, epoxy can be applied in a multitude of different styles and colors to fit the theme within a garage space. The garage is a workplace that takes a beating after a hard day’s work. Epoxy provides a resilient and durable floor surface that does not falter to dings, chips, scratches and heavy drops. It takes a lickin’ and keeps on kickin’ with whatever you can throw at it!

Seeking Professional Installation

Seeking a professional is always of the highest priority when laying down Epoxy in your garage. There are two chemical ingredients that go into the process – Polyepoxide and Epoxy resin. When the flooring starts to dry and harden up, fumes are emitted into the area that can be harmful to your health.

The particles in the air can lead to inflammation and buildup in the throat and the airways to the individuals in the area. Over time the fumes can lead to long term problems such as shallow breathing and Asthma. It’s highly recommended that you consult a company that takes the proper safety precautions and allows the space to ‘air out’ in a sense. The installers will often use high-tech masks and breathing equipment in order to keep the resin particles from flooding into their lungs.

The money you spend on consulting a professional company is pennies in comparison to the life-long problems associated with Asthma. Please, do yourself a favor and avoid following a D.I.Y. (do it yourself) method of applying Epoxy to your garage floor.

Don’t wait; get that professional garage flooring you’ve always wanted!