Epoxy Flooring – Its Benefits and How to Clean it?

Epoxy Flooring – Its Benefits and How to Clean it?

Garage floor epoxy coating is the first choice for many homeowners. If you are one of these homeowners, you know that cleaning the epoxy is important in order to preserve the qualities that made you choose it. This should not be a problem because epoxy floors are quite easy to clean. If you spot any mold that needs to be cleaned, you will need to get some basic items. These items are a scraper, a sanding sponge and a scraper.

You will begin by wearing the gloves, which aim to protect your hands when you are removing any rust stains from the floor. Then, you will get the scraper and use the blade in order to gently scrape the epoxy floor to remove the mold. You have to make sure that you scrape along any existing debris. It is important not to use the scraper perpendicularly on the floor. After finishing the scrapping process, it is the time to use the sanding sponge to sand the stain until it disappears completely.  While using the sponge, it is essential to work along the same patterns and never cross these patterns with each other.

After the floor is sanded with the sponge, you will start cleaning the debris by using a soft, dry, clean cloth. You can also choose to apply an epoxy finishing material but you have to be careful, as you will have to get one that has the same exact color as the floor. Apply a very thin and an even coat over the sanded area. Leave it to dry before applying a 2nd layer if needed. If you applied an epoxy finish, you have to make sure that it is dry before stepping on it so it does not smudge.

The benefits of using such flooring are countless. For starters, the floors have an outstanding ability to absorb shock because of their elasticity; this makes it quite popular among a lot of homeowners who usually use this kind of flooring in the garage. This is because the garage is one of the places that suffer from high car traffic and foot traffic. Another advantage is that tire marks do not stick to the epoxy flooring, unlike regular concrete flooring. By following the simple cleaning process that was mentioned above, you can get rid of these tire marks in no time.

This is why epoxy concrete resurfacing is also used in industrial plants, factories and office floors as they can resist the wear and tear from the machinery as well as the regular foot traffic besides being highly resistant to chemical spills and stains. Some might think that epoxy is only suitable for garage floor coverings or factories because it does not look good, which is false. This is because epoxy floorings have gone a long way, as there are decorative epoxy coverings that are made specifically for indoor use such as living rooms and office floors.