Epoxy Flooring – The Perfect Solution for Many Spaces

Choosing the flooring is one of the most important decisions that has to be made, whether for industrial plants, commercial businesses or residential homes. Different types of flooring have their own benefits as well as their drawbacks, there isn’t a perfect type of flooring but there are flooring types that come with minimal drawbacks. One of the best types is epoxy flooring. This is because the epoxy floors come with a long list of benefits and they are also cost effective.

Epoxy is a flooring surface that is made out of different layers of epoxy and it is applied to the floor with a depth that is less than 2 mm. The material itself is made out of a hardener and resin and they are mixed together through a chemical reaction that creates a rigid and a very strong plastic material. This material is resistant against degradation and it has the ability to adhere strongly to different surfaces including concrete floors.

Epoxy flooring is incredibly strong that it is one of the first choices for demanding and rough industrial environments. This is because they can withstand heavy machinery as well as chemical spills and any kind of abuse. This is why this kind of flooring can be found at factories and hangars.

Epoxy can also be used in museums as well as residential homes because now, epoxy floors are not just strong but ugly floors, as they can come in great designs with beautiful colors. High grade resin is used in order to upgrade the surface of the epoxy and enable it to obtain different colored effects so it can be used in non-industrial areas. This is why epoxy coating is the best method that will make shop floors, commercial floors and residential floors look their best.

In order to apply epoxy flooring, you do into have to tear down the old one because the whole goal of epoxy is to breathe life into your old floors. This is because epoxy can be applied to the existing floors as well as the new ones.

Epoxy is also one of the most commonly used garage floor coverings because the floor of the garage is the most abused part of the house. You have cars getting in and backing out of it, hot tire marks and it is where we keep all of our heavy tools and equipment and we most likely drag them on the floor of the garage. This is why the flooring of the garage has to be tough to withstand all of that.

Also, what most people do not know about epoxy floors is that they are great fire-retardants. This is because the coating includes pigments that will expand very quickly when they are exposed to heat. This forms a barrier of protection that can last long enough for you to put out the fire or for the fire to be put out naturally.