Epoxy Flooring – The Science and the Applications

Epoxy flooring is a great product for your garage. However, what exactly is the stuff? If you’re deciding on having epoxy added to your garage floor or other surfaces, it’s worth taking a look at the composition and applications of the product. You’ll feel much more confident about epoxy garage coatings once you know a few facts about this valuable addition.

The composition of epoxy may be different depending on the product you see. Epoxy can come in the form of an adhesive or other type of material, and is also sometimes seen as a paint or plastic. This special product is named based on a number of different synthetics that will set in place permanently when the substance comes in contact with heat. Epoxy coating that you’ll specifically have applied to your garage floor combines a resin and a hardener. These compounds are mixed and the result is a finished product that will tightly bond to your garage floor. The floor will become much more durable as a result. Plus, it looks great!

If you’re wondering about the durability of this special coating, you simply need to look where it is used. Epoxy is so durable that manufacturing facilities and commercial establishments both use epoxy coating all the time. The coated floors and other surfaces save businesses money by reducing repair and maintenance costs. Epoxy can protect the floor from heavy equipment and creates a slip-resistant surface that is safer for workers. While it is very universal, epoxy coating typically adheres the best to concrete. The porous composition of concrete allows for the best bond with an epoxy application.

For the best results, an epoxy coating is only applied after the floor has been professionally cleaned. Dust and debris is removed and the tougher oil stains will be addressed. A lot of flooring might be uneven after years of use, or even when it is constructed. Experts will then grind and sand the floor until it is ready for an epoxy coating. Of course, cracks and chips in the surface can happen as well. These defects will be fixed before epoxy is applied. The coating goes on in multiple layers depending on the customer’s needs.

If you’re wondering whether you’ll actually benefit from epoxy flooring, the answer is YES. Your garage floor with an added epoxy coating immediately adds value to your home. The garage itself becomes a more attractive part of the house and can even be used as an additional living space. Perhaps the best part is that cleaning is an incredibly easy task on a floor that is treated with epoxy. Your own garage floor with an epoxy coating is an affordable project that can last for years to come.