Epoxy Floors Fit In Your Budget

Epoxy Floors

Concrete is a cheap options that builders and contractors use to finish a home, but no matter how new it may be, it just doesn’t give that finished look that most people and business crave.  While hardwood floors, carpet, and tile can be great for most main rooms of homes, these generally don’t apply for garages and unfinished basements.  While some custom-built homes may make concessions to have these types of flooring a little more finished, chances are your home has that ugly gray concrete.  Despite your best efforts, it is most likely dirty, possibly stained, and just not what you want for your home.  Fortunately for you, there is another option.

Epoxy Floors Fit In Your Budget

Epoxy floors are not nearly as expensive as you may believe.  They are quite affordable, and highly underutilized when it comes to providing finishing touches to a home.  Even better, they can be installed in virtually any room or environment that you like!  Keeping and maintaining concrete flooring can be expensive in itself, especially for businesses, not to mention hard work!  They are easily stained, and concrete, being so porous, tends to absorb liquids like a sponge, making the stains very difficult to completely remove. They are also a dust magnet, so no matter how often you sweep, they always seem dirty.

How Epoxy Floors Work

The installation for epoxy floors is a very meticulous one that is done is several steps.  First, the floor that is going to be re-surfaced must be completely cleared out, then thoroughly cleaned.  Any stains that may be on the floor need to removed as much as possible, which may include sanding down that particular area. Depending on your floor and the surface you have chosen, the next few steps may vary.  The floor will need prepped and sealed so that the garage floor coating can adhere properly, and then the color flecks are applied, followed by the top coats.  By using the necessary steps, the installer can guarantee that your floor will be stain resistant, and weather resistant.  You need not worry about flaking or chipping, since the installer knows just how to do his job so that these don’t occur.

Where to use Epoxy Floors

While garage floors are the most common, these can also be used in office buildings to add color and style to an otherwise drab atmosphere, as well as an affordable and more durable option for basements.  In fact, more and more homeowners are putting in epoxy floors in their unfinished basements so that they are one step closer to finishing off the space when the time is right.  Epoxy floors are also great for carports and any outdoor concrete surface, as they are weatherproof.  This means that your flooring can survive virtually any type of weather that it may be exposed to, and will come out looking as beautiful as the day it was installed.  If you have an unsightly concrete surface, an epoxy floor can make a big difference.