Epoxy Floors – Why is it the Perfect Flooring Solution?

If you are tired of the same boring and annoying concrete flooring and want to cover the floors of your basement, garage, office or home in a new and unique flooring, then commercial epoxy floor coating is what you are looking for. Using epoxy paint for garage flooring does not only give it a new look but it is a flooring type that can live long and resist different elements. It will give is a very stylish showroom look and will create a durable, stylish, clean, strong and an economical concrete surface.

The main idea behind epoxy flooring is to provide the normal concrete flooring of your garage or basement with protection against chemical spillage and slippery surfaces. That is not all, as the epoxy coating will also help protect the floor from corrosion, chemical exposure and atmospheric pollution. This is because this type of floor coating is designed and manufactured in order to overcome different obstacles that range from the strongest environment elements and situations to stains that are quite difficult to remove.

They are also durable against tire marks, which is a great benefit if it is used in your garage. The tire marks will be nearly impossible to remove from concrete floors but with epoxy floor coating, they will not stick and they can be easily washed away. This is why this kind of flooring is perfect for different places and facilities such as government buildings, hospital, car garages, kennels, showrooms, schools, factories and warehouses as well as places that require heavy duty floors. Lastly, the epoxy floor coating is resistant against the UV rays of the sun so it can be the perfect coating material for outdoor spaces since it is much better than polyurethane or acrylic paints.

All of this shows that whether you want a floor coating material for a personal garage or for industrial needs, epoxy floor coating is the best choice. It also has longevity as it can last on the concrete floors for up to seven years.

Shopping for Epoxy Floor Coating

It is essential to make sure that you are choosing epoxy floor coating that is manufactured by a brand company so you can guarantee a high quality product. You also have to make sure that the epoxy matches your specification and needs. This is because there are different types of epoxy concrete floor coatings; this includes types that have abrasion, impact and chemical resistant characteristics, strong installation in a small period of time or easy to clean ones.

There are 3 main types of epoxy coating according to their chemical formation. There are solvent-based epoxies, water based ones and solid based epoxy coating. The best and the strongest epoxy is the solid based epoxy, which is also the most expensive one.

It is always better to find a Chicago garage flooring service provider that will be able to provide you with consultation regarding the type of epoxy flooring to use as well as the implementation process.