Epoxy for Hospitals

Many new hospitals in Wilmington DE are choosing an Epoxy flooring system, for very obvious reasons. When it comes to durability, easy maintenance, aesthetics, and longevity, Epoxy floors are unmatched. According to the National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, in 2011, 125.7 Million patients visited the hospital. That, combined with nurses, physicians, surgeons, etc. makes for a lot of foot traffic in this country’s hospitals. That being said, it is easy to see why having durable floors is important. Even more importantly, Epoxy floors can have a non-slip coating added in order to prevent slips and falls. One can imagine how useful that can become in a busy, fast-paced, hospital environment. More reasons why Epoxy is important to the functionality of hospitals below.

Maintenance. Epoxy is hands-down the easiest of all flooring to clean and sanitize. It is quite obvious as to why this is important for hospitals. Between the harsh chemicals that are prone to spilling, the rigorous sanitation procedures, and intense foot-traffic. It is very important to have a flooring that can withstand all of these. Luckily, epoxy will resist any kind of chemical corrosion. As far as cleaning and sanitation goes, Epoxy is the easiest to clean with simply a sweep or a Swiffer. Hospital sanitation procedures are easy and efficient on Epoxy floors as well, ensuring that employees and patients will be able to maintain their optimal health.

No Slips, No Seams. Slipping and falling is one of the most common workplace injuries. Slippery floors are hazardous to the wellbeing of employees, patients, and family members within a hospital. This is one of the top reasons that hospitals are choosing Epoxy over any other flooring systems, because Epoxy can be coated with a slip resistant coat to ensure slips and falls are minimized in the hospital environment where employees are moving very quickly while reading charts, testing vitals, pushing beds or chairs, among many other multi-tasks. In addition to this, employees within the hospitals are working hard to keep patients healthy. Without

Epoxy, the flooring could be working against them. Epoxy is the only completely seamless flooring option on the market. Having a seamless, non-porous, flooring system is vital in order to ensure bacteria, bio-hazards, and dangerous chemicals are not lost in the flooring where they can manifest, grow, and work against the hard work of the doctors and nurses.

Lastly, Epoxy’s brute strength is important to any medical facility. Heavy equipment, moving beds, and high foot traffic all produce wear and tear on flooring systems, except Epoxy. Epoxy is the only flooring that can withstand the test of time under such harsh conditions. This is why hospitals are choosing Epoxy to cover their floors, and frankly, you should too.