Epoxy Garage Floors Have So Many Advantages

You’ve got your car all polished and looking fabulous. Now, you pull into your garage with the concrete floor and you feel kind of let down. You feel a bit like a balloon that has lost its air. Sure, you’ve always wanted a garage floor that is functional, but why does it have to be so drab, with oil stains on it?
If your garage floor was an epoxy garage floor, it would look like many of the floors used in auto showrooms and in classic car display areas. Not only do epoxy garage floors look nice, they also have many fantastic advantages over a plain concrete or painted floor.

The Advantages Of Epoxy Garage Floors

Garage floor epoxy provides many advantages over other types of garage flooring materials. It is strong, durable, water and stain resistant and keeps its shine, enduring even the most punishing conditions effortlessly. The main advantages of an epoxy garage floor are:

– Water simply beads on the floor

– You can wipe it clean with a rag

– It gives you an oil, antifreeze, road salt and chemical resistant surface in the garage

– Creates a professional looking finish for your garage

– Done right, epoxy garage floors add resale value to any home

– Helps to create an extra, useful room

– If anti-skid ingredients are added to the epoxy, you will have extra traction on wet or snowy days

– Paint chips added to epoxy help disguise imperfect spots on the concrete

Garage floor epoxy is an excellent material choice for anyone who wants the experience of a very low maintenance, beautiful garage floor. Application of an epoxy garage floor is best left to professionals who are trained in proper application techniques, to experience the best results.

What Is The Best Epoxy Floor Treatment?

The best garage floor epoxy treatment consists of a layered epoxy system. This means that several coats are applied, including a primer coat, a high quality base coat and acrylic paint chips if desired. These coats should be followed with one or more coats of polyurethane or clear epoxy for a shiny, durable finish.

A primer coat is necessary to let the epoxy absorb more deeply into the concrete, creating a great base for the epoxy to adhere to. Use of a good, high quality primer can also keep a bubbled and pin hole look from appearing, which can detract from the good looks of your new garage floor.

Have Your Epoxy Floor System Applied Correctly

When an epoxy garage flooring system is applied correctly, the result is a beautiful garage floor that can last twenty years or longer. The floor will be stronger and more durable, and will be able to withstand common everyday use. It will also be able to endure rougher treatment from things like chemicals, road salt, gasoline, antifreeze spills, leaks and moisture. Having an epoxy floor in your garage makes it seem like an extra room, versus simply a place to park vehicles.