Epoxy in the Medical Field

While there are not many places that won’t be good for epoxy, there are some areas that are especially great for epoxies. One of these places is a medical center. From hospitals, to pediatric doctors, to everything in between, epoxy is a great flooring solution. Epoxy is one of the top floor coverings in the Wayne, PA market because consumers have realized that it is a great value for their money and also provides great benefits that last a long period of time.

Okay, so what is so great about epoxy in a medical environment? Well, the answer is a lot of things. First off, medical facilities are amongst the cleanest in the world. With so many people that are susceptible to the harms of bacteria, it is imperative that everything is clean. It is also important because many people are sick and have the ability to spread viruses, bacteria, germs, etc. One of the main jobs that doctors, nurses, janitors, and other occupants of the building have is to keep the building sanitary and safe for all who pass through it. What does this have to do with epoxy? Well, epoxy is the easiest type of floor coating to clean. When applied, it fills in all cracks and adheres perfectly to the walls it meets which means bacteria will not be caught in tight spots around the facility. All epoxy needs is a rinse with an antibacterial solution and it is as sanitary as it was when it was first installed.

Epoxy is also handy in the medical field because it comes in a non-slip formula that aids emergency rooms very well. Emergency rooms are very fast-paced. Doctors are running, nurses are rushing, all to make sure that every patient is taken care of. This can be dangerous, especially if any liquids are spilled onto the floors. However, with a non-slip epoxy solution, this will greatly minimize the possibility of injuries from falling. The last person an emergency room needs getting hurt is a doctor or nurse. The non-slip formula also helps when moving stretchers quickly around the building.

So, for all of these reasons, it is a great idea to consider epoxy flooring for all medical centers. It helps to keep areas clean and sanitized. Epoxy also helps to make sure everyone stays safe throughout the day by ensuring falls or slips are minimized. Call a professional epoxy technician today to find out how epoxy can serve your medical center today.