Epoxy is not a Floor Paint It is so Much More

Epoxy is not a floor paint. It is a two-part polymer that has a curing process that makes it resistant to stains and impacts. A garage floor paint may have small amounts of epoxy included, but this only makes the paint more adhesive. It does not add any of the protective effects of a garage floor epoxy. Epoxy floors installed by reputable companies are necessary in garages for several reasons. In garages that are used for businesses, a floor that is marred by grease and oils are real problems. These fluids are very pervasive in these types of environments, and they have the effect of making a shop look horrible aesthetically. In addition, because spills can be hazardous, they should be cleaned completely. As raw, unfinished concrete gets older, it loses its sheen and becomes more porous. This has the effect of soaking in things that can be slippery and slowly releases them back to the surface. This means that not only can the spill not be cleaned completely, but also the hazard can reoccur. This is added liability for a company that could be avoided by employing a competent garage floor resurfacing company.

In addition, painted floors as a garage floor covering Philadelphia, PA produces a gloss finish. This finish becomes really slick. This can compound the problem. Certain epoxy coatings have the required tooth that is necessary to prevent slipping hazards, and some products offer an additional product to prevent slips. Often, these slip prevention additions also add some decorative effect to the coatings. Paint coatings also do not protect against dings and abrasions. However, painted floors at some point made garages look new and innovative. They could be decorated with company logos or mascots. The most major drawbacks was the amount of maintenance that is required to keep a painted floor aesthetically pleasing and danger free. In addition, when the adhesion of the pain that becomes impaired, the coating may release from large portions of the floor. When this happens, the only alternative is to incur the expense of removing the coating and re-coating the floor. This means that some business may be lost in the event or at least significant hassle involved in replacement.

In residential settings, the benefits of using a reputable company to epoxy floors increases exponentially. These floors gain all the benefits that a commercial garage receives by using the coating, but in addition, they add a level of beauty that simply painting a garage floor cannot achieve. In addition, the dangers of slipping are greater in residential settings because the floor is also used for recreational activities along with extensive daily use. When a dropped hammer can damage a painted floor and invite moisture to destroy the coating. In addition, the moisture level that expires through these floors can also severely limit the life of painted garage floor coatings Philadelphia, PA. Also, the decorative aspects of epoxy coatings are limitless when the correct company is employed for professionalism and ease of installation. College mascots and even the names of the family can be embedded in garage epoxy flooring Philadelphia, PA or underneath transparent epoxy coatings. The ease of cleaning is also important. The expense of maintenance on floors other than epoxy floors can be exclusive to many residential budgets.