Epoxy versus Concrete Stain

Many families are now beginning to opt for concrete stains over an epoxy flooring due to the immediate price value. However, even though concrete stains have a face value that is “cheaper” they are also cheaper quality. Concrete stains have hardly any of the benefits that Epoxy does. From durability to protection, strength, or even the formation of mildew, Epoxy should always be the top choice because, for a small increase in price, you receive a floor that looks great, not just today, but for many years to come.

Concrete stains do not provide long-term protection for your concrete because these stains can wither away quite quickly, leaving your concrete prone to growing mildew, staining and cracking. In fact, some concrete stains can even damage the very concrete it is intended to protect! They can damage the floors by shortening their lifespan through decreased protection from water and corrosion in comparison to epoxy garage flooring.

Stains penetrate concrete through a chemical mixture. This mixture is typically composed of water, hydrochloric acid, as well as salts. This chemical reaction will permanently alter the color of your concrete, which might look great! Or, you might end up with an uneven color! A sealant is always applied after a stain. However, concrete is porous and nature so if any breaks are made in the sealant, then the chemical reaction will alter your concrete to a different color in different parts of your concrete! That is not the best look, which is why Epoxy is highly preferred over concrete stains.

Epoxy flooring works much differently. Epoxy is layered on top of your concrete and provides a much stronger protection for your concrete floors compared to stains. Epoxy doesn’t have a sealant that can break and leave you with multicolored concrete. It works more similarly to a paint instead, ensuring even color across your entire space.

In addition, Epoxy is waterproof and will protect your floor from any kind of water damage. With this new layer of Epoxy, you can also choose from a very wide variety of colors and trust that your concrete will neither stain nor corrode.

As you can see, Epoxy provides a lot of protection for your concrete in addition to being waterproof, stain resistant, all while combatting corrosion. Unlike concrete stains, which can damage your concrete and leave it prone to cracking, staining, and mildewing. It is safe to say that while concrete stains are immediately cheaper, choosing Epoxy will give you more bang for your buck in the long run.