Facts You Should Know About Epoxy Flooring Palos Hills

Facts You Should Know About Epoxy Flooring Palos Hills

Epoxy flooring and coating is strong, durable and beautiful. It is the most recommended kind of flooring or coating for your garage as well as other house spaces, thanks to the decorative types of epoxy. All of this makes it one of the widely used flooring in houses and industrial environments. In order to understand epoxy flooring more, here are some important facts that you may not know about epoxy flooring:

-Epoxy coating is applicable on different surfaces:

Unlike most flooring applications, epoxy flooring can be used on many surfaces. It is in fact, one of the few flooring systems that are applicable on steel, concrete alongside other surface types.

– Epoxy resins are the secret ingredient in powerful epoxy coating materials:

Epoxy resins are the thing that makes it possible for top coats, sealants and epoxy based primers to effectively perform as fire retardants, damage resistance paint, protective coats and floor finishes. They are the core ingredient in these high performing coatings.

– Epoxies can be combined with different materials to increase its performance:

One of the main advantages of epoxies is that they can be mixed with other materials in order to create more powerful compounds that have special characteristics like hybrid epoxy systems, epoxy-sulfide systems and Epoxy-amine systems. Epoxy systems can also achieve great results with acrylics and alkyds.

– Epoxy resins are almost impermeable:

These resins have molecules that are cross-linked. The unique chemistry that exists between epichlorohydrin organochlorine and bisphenol A creates a powerful reaction which produces the cross-linked molecules of the epoxy resins. This makes them nearly impermeable.

– Floor coating can be used to protect floors that withstand heavy-duty traffic:

Due to the fact that epoxy floor coating can withstand abuse and damage, they are most commonly used in areas that are exposed to heavy duty traffic like warehouse floors, airplane hangars and garages that host heavy machinery.

– Epoxy coating has powerful adhesive properties:

Any coating that is epoxy based has impressive adhesive properties. 1500 pounds of adhesive power for each square inch of floor. This means that the floor can be in a good condition and intact for longer periods of time even when exposed to intense and heavy loads.

– They can act as fire retardants:

Some epoxy coating can contain certain pigments that will expand rapidly whenever it is exposed to high temperature of heat. This expansion can create a very thick layer of protection that can last for a certain amount of time, which gives time for the fire to be put out by a fire fighting team or naturally. This is why they can be very effective as fire retardants.

These are some of the facts that many people might not know about epoxy floor coating Palos Hills.  If you are starting to consider using epoxy flooring because of these facts, you should get in touch with a Palos Hill epoxy flooring firm that will be able to apply the coating to your current floors so you can start enjoying its advantages.