FAQ About Epoxy Flooring

Some of you might not know what epoxy is. Before we explain the benefits of epoxy flooring Philadelphia PA, you need to know what it is. Epoxy is a common sealant which is used on concrete flooring. It’s used in both commercial and residential buildings and walkways. It’s one of the better materials you can pick up. It is strongly recommended that you use a professional service for installation. Epoxy application is serious business, and once it is on something, it is staying there.


1)This one is probably the most valuable. It’s known for it’s durability. You will need this durability for garage floor coatings Philadelphia PA. This material will last longer, longer then many of it’s competitors. With it lasting longer, it will ultimately save you money. This is a huge relief for many business owners. Using this material means you won’t have to redo things in a year.

2)It solidifies like you have never seen. Once it gels into a solid, the chemical breakdowns will be reduced drastically. This is a good thing for businesses who use a lot of chemicals.

3)The installation is quick and painless. Those of you who own a business will find this very reassuring. You won’t have to shut down anything to get the job done. You just put the coatings on and let it sit. It will solidify quickly and you can move on.

4)The cleaning is as easy as it comes. Think about it for a second. Once it solidifies, the material is not porous anymore. Cleaning it will be as easy as 1,2,3. Just use the proper cleaning solution and you will be good.

5)The options you get with epoxy alone make it worth the while. Other materials for flooring come in a “one-size-fits-all” deal. You won’t get that with epoxy. You can choose from a wide variety of solutions. You can pick the floor coating that works best with your style, or your business style.

6) Safety is also another thing to think about with floor coatings. You won’t need to worry about this with epoxy. It is heat resistant, which is perfect for the summer time. Heat can get to a lot of things during the summer. Epoxy solves these problems.