Five Benefits of Professional Garage Floor Resurfacing

Hewlett-Packard, Amazon, Apple, Disney, and Google–what do all these world-class companies have in common? They all began in garages. Since its appearance in the modern home, the family garage has been the birthplace of major corporations, famous bands, and best-selling novels. It has also been the most neglected room in the average house as well. In recent years though homeowners have discovered the benefits of improving their garages. One of these most important improvements has been garage floor resurfacing, with the invention of epoxy garage floor coatings for residential garages. These type of garage floor coverings are becoming increasingly popular as people discover the following five benefits.

  1. Appearance–When carpenters first began adding garages to the average home in the 1920s, no finishing work was done to the garage. After a generation, builders did finally begin to add sheetrock to the walls. Even today, 90 years after the invention of the garage, home builders normally do not include garage floor coverings in the initial construction of a house. This leaves the garage with a bare and spartan look that is unappealing. With simple garage floor resurfacing, the garage can be given a much better appearance. Epoxy garage floor coatings come in all varieties of colors, and when applied by experienced professionals, the coverings can be individually designed by including color flakes for variety and beauty.
  1. Endurance–Some homeowners who desired a better garage began painting their garage floors many years ago. While an improvement over the dull gray of an unfinished concrete floor, paint can easily chip, suffer scratches and scraps, and abrasions. While there are several kits marketed to homeowners as do-it-yourself epoxy coatings for floors, they can be of lower quality and not as durable. Professionally applied epoxy coatings can provide an enduring finish though, since they are often several layers thick. The normal paint thickness is 3 mil as compared to the epoxy thickness of 10 mil.
  1. Safety–The typical garage can be one of the most dangerous rooms in the home due to the combination of a concrete floor with moisture that makes slips and falls likely. When applied by knowledgeable professional installers, epoxy garage floor coverings can help reduce this danger since it is a multi-step process. When anti-skid ingredients are professionally mixed in the epoxy properly, and applied at the right step, the finished floor can be a much safer surface to walk on even when moisture is a threat.
  1. Comfort–Concrete floors, while durable and strong, have the disadvantage of being stressful on the feet,joints and legs of human beings since there is no give to the surface. Epoxy garage floor coatings provide an extra layer of durable yet softer walking surface that cushions the homeowner’s feet.
  1. Cleanliness–When a concrete floor is left unfinished, it proves to be a difficult surface to keep clean for several reasons. First, while a hard surface, concrete is still porous and will soak up liquid spilled on it. Oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, and other poisonous spills will quickly soak into the floor and be difficult to clean with normal efforts. Also, concrete floors will degrade, giving off fine dust through its lifetime, making it impossible to keep the floor completely clean. Garage floor resurfacing with professionally applied epoxy covering can eliminate these issues. The epoxy covering will seal the concrete floor, preventing the dusting effect and resisting liquid spills, making them easy to wipe up.

With a safer, cleaner, more pleasing environment installed by trained professionals, the homeowners once-drab garage may be transformed with an epoxy floor coating to be the birthplace of the next Fortune 500 company.