Overview of Floorguard Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Floor Coating Systems

You may love the look of designer epoxy floors, but you may be wondering what exactly is epoxy? The beautiful flooring you see is the finished result of our unique polymers or organic compounds that have natural adhesive properties. This makes the epoxy floor coating naturally bound to the concrete that is below it. The molecular structure of polymers such as epoxy grants them durability, toughness, and elasticity. 
Epoxy floor coating systems are practical and a go-to for so many applications. Floorguard even offers an epoxy flake color chart, so you can personalize your floors to the color scheme you want.

A few examples of prime uses of epoxy floor coating systems include:

Since there are no seams or rough textures in our floor applications, cleaning is a breeze. Its easy upkeep makes it perfect for daycare centers and schools, so kids don’t have to worry about staining floors or causing unintentional damages. Since kids in daycare spend a lot of time sitting on the floor, epoxy flooring is often the preferred choice amongst these centers because of the protective layer. Epoxy flooring is essentially impervious to damage caused by water, chemicals, bleach, acids, etc. In addition, many types of epoxy floors are slip-resistant, so kids and adults alike are less likely to slip and fall.

It’s important to note that epoxy flooring is flame-resistant, making it an optimal industrial concrete coating used in daycare centers, hospitals, and restaurants. Epoxy also offers a level of protection from harmful UV rays from sunlight, keeping it cool to the touch when compared to options like tile or bare concrete. Epoxy flooring is similar to concrete in this regard.

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How it works

Floorguard® Concrete Preparation is second to none! We mechanically prepare the concrete by removing the top thin layers of the concrete substrate using a Shot Blast Machine—the ultimate concrete preparation. By doing this, we ensure there are no contaminates to interfere with the bond between the Bond Coat and the concrete substrate. Our Bond Coat material penetrates deep into the concrete, creating a tight bond that will last for years to come! Floorguard then broadcasts a heavy blanket of Media to excess into the Bond Coat, which creates a heavy, durable foundation. Once this has cured, we then apply our Encapsulation Coat, which is a thick, chemical and UV resistant topcoat made to encapsulate the media, giving you a rich, tough, and beautiful finished Floorguard® floor.


Professional Installation

Our highly trained and professional crews will arrive at your home fully uniformed and in our lettered Floorguard trucks. Our technicians have been working with us for many years and are true professionals. Their craftsmanship and attention to detail are second to none!!