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Getting That Dream Garage Is Easier Than You Would Think…

Steve Chaloult, owner of the PA, DE, NJ, and MD Floorguard franchises

Cleaning up the garage is a chore that many home-owners dread. They spend hours hosing, sweeping, stacking, and rearranging only to find that all their labor hasn’t made that much of a change in the garage’s appearance. In fact, in a matter of just a few weeks, the garage is back to the same messy disorder it was when this process started.

For those who are serious about wanting to enhance the look – and functionality – of their garage, a whole new area of home improvement has emerged. You can now “upgrade” the interior of your garage with specialized floor coverings and organizational systems.

Steve Chaloult, owner of the PA, DE, NJ, and MD Floorguard franchises, offers the top of the line floor covering and organizational systems for the well-dressed garage and business is booming. As an owner of a Floorguard franchise – a company that’s been around for 25+ years and prides itself as being the most trusted name in flooring business – he’s helped many homeowners transform their garages from disaster areas to dazzling showpieces. Best of all once done, it’s easy to keep them that way.

From the floor up

The most popular product customer’s request, according to Steve, is a seamless epoxy floor covering that comes in a number of attractive colors and finishes, resists stains and comes with a 20-year warranty. Covering the floor virtually eliminates the problem of dirt, grease and grime being tracked into the house on kids feet after playing in the garage, because it’s so easy to clean, and slip resistant, too.”And our customers note that reducing the dirt being tracked in also helps with allergies and asthma,” Steve added.

A place for everything

Once the floor is coated, the next step is to organize. Some simple steps can help in deciding exactly the kinds of modular storage units and/or cabinets that will help you to complete the transformation of your garage

Clean out the garage

sorting items you want to keep in the garage from those that actually belong somewhere else in your house, as well as those that you should throw out or give away.


Examine the interior of the garage

For available storage areas. Note walls, rafters and other features that could be utilized. Select convenient locations for items that you’ll want to access regularly, like shovels and other tools, athletic equipment including bikes and golf clubs, and toys for children.

Determine special applications

you might want in your space, such as a work area for simple woodworking, gardening or crafts.

Curb appeal

While many homeowners have taken equity out of their homes in the past few years, the time is now right to put equity back in. An investment in upgrading a garage with flooring and storage makes sense whether a homeowner is trying to sell or planning to stay in the house for the foreseeable future. With most homes using their garage as the front door of their home, it should match in the quality and beauty of the rest of the house.

A garage-and business-to be proud of

Steve can speak as a customer himself, as well. His own garage is a Floorguard masterpiece, complete with cabinets, modular units, wire baskets, and that gleaming, gorgeous floor that often inspires awe in those who see it for the first time.”The initial reaction is always total excitement,”explained Steve. Steve got into the garage flooring and organization business after working with the previous owners, Dave and Nita Trexler. “David was looking to semi-retire and this franchise was growing rapidly,” Steve explains, “We worked on a plan to transition the business to me. I was honored to continue the great work that the Trexler’s have done to date.”Steve has had a great deal of experience in the military and corporate world. After graduating from The United States Military Academy at West Point, Steve flew spy planes for 8 years. Upon leaving his distinguished military career, Steve entered the business world holding various positions and owning 3 successful companies. “The Floorguard model,”added Steve “Is the best that I have worked with in my 20 year career. The Floorguard Value Proposition of creating an Ultimate Garage is unmatched.”

Consult with an expert

Such as Floorguard, to help you come up with a complete garage plan that meets these needs. Floorguard offers modular storage units and cabinets that are specifically built to take the heat and humidity of a garage, and feature an off-floor design that avoids water damage, simplifies floor cleaning and eliminates potential hiding places for pests.

According to Steve, customers are thrilled with the results once a garage has undergone a transformation.”The garage is definitely one of our favorite rooms in the house,” wrote one of his customers.”It is cleaner, more organized, and we now use the garage as a playroom for our young girls, as a workstation for dad, and as a pantry and storeroom for mom and the family. Whenever we have a delivery or people come over to our home, they see the floor and are so amazed how clean the garage looks that people constantly ask if it’s okay to walk on the floor!”