Four Good Reasons to Choose Epoxy Garage Flooring

Your garage floor is undoubtedly one of the surfaces needing the toughest construction materials you can find. Show your garage some love by having an expert apply an epoxy coat on your garage floor; it is a tough and durable finish. Epoxy garage coatings strengthen your surface while transforming the general appearance of the place. Here are a few reasons homeowners are increasingly choosing epoxy garage flooring:

It Catches Attention

Who wants to have a garage floor with a boring or even ugly appearance? No one. If you have decided it is time you gave your garage floor a facelift, consider having a professional apply an epoxy coat. Everyone who walks into that space will notice the captivating shine and beauty. They will say “wow! Who did this for you?”, and you will connect them with the company you hired to handle the task.

The Coat is Durable and Tough

Cars and other objects can damage a weak floor. That is the reason you want to have the toughest coat you can find applied to your garage floor. Do not think an epoxy coat is just a cute layer of paint. Epoxy is a mixture of one part of epoxide resin and a part of polyamine hardener. The hardener gives the material its characteristic strength. It is considerably thicker than regular paint, even epoxy paint, and forms a powerful bond with the underlying surface. Epoxy is so durable that it is highly resistant to chemicals, stains, chipping, impacts, and abrasion.

It Keeps the Garage Floor Clean

The thick coat does a great job of covering minor flaws in concrete. It seals all cracks and has anti-dusting properties. A cement floor can produce a lot of dust from the powder it sheds. Normal garage use deposits this dust onto other surfaces such as car exteriors, tool benches, and onto other storage objects. Some of it ends up in your house. Use epoxy coating and stop worrying about dust everywhere.

Epoxy Coats are Moisture Resistant

Epoxy naturally resists moisture. It is the kind of coating you want if you live in snowy climates. Road salts that end up on the floor during winter are easy to clean if you have the right kind of coating. Cleaning an epoxy-coated garage floor just requires you to use water and some soap, and you are done. You can then collect debris and dust with a mop after the floor has dried up.

What about the issue of Hot Tire Pick Up?

Heat from car tires can end up damaging an epoxy-coated floor. However, that only happens when you use lesser quality purchases from the local store such as water-based coatings, which contain only 50 percent solid epoxy. A professional epoxy floor installation company uses products consisting of 100 percent epoxy, which is way thicker than what most people typically buy from the store. Always hire an expert.

Do you need to have your garage floor coated with a tough, durable material that is also chemical, moisture, dust, and abrasion resistant? Choose epoxy.