Garage Cabinets Chicago Homeowners Would Like to Have

Even occasionally, you make it a point to sort unwanted items; and the easiest place to use, as temporary storage is the garage. However, once you step inside the garage, you realize you will only be adding more clutter, because this is where the family keeps larger tools, sports equipment, recreational gadgets, seasonal appurtenances and leftover materials from some home improvement project; plus the portable gizmos and contraptions the family might need in case of emergency situations. If your garage is already overcrowded, then it is high time for you to start organizing things by outfitting the area with garage cabinets. Chicago is home to storage solution providers who know exactly what every Chicago home needs, “a place for everything, to keep everything in its place.”

Moisture-Free TFM Garage Cabinets

Garage cabinets do not have to be expensive. In fact, these are even better off if made from thermally fused melamine (TFM) materials. It is inexpensive and yet more ideal as a garage storage solution, because it is highly resistant to moisture build-up. That way, even if you keep things in closed storage, those with metal or steel components will not suffer from corrosion.

TFMs are actually décor paper combined with resin and then attached by way of heat to a particleboard to create a wood-like panel. Since both the front and back of the particleboard are TFM bonded, the cabinetry material then becomes non-porous and therefore less susceptible to moisture build up. TFM is similar to a laminate, but the latter is more expensive because it is made of several sheets of paper and therefore thicker than the TFM.

Customizable Storage Solutions

Look at some examples of TFM garage cabinets, which Chicago stores offer at affordable prices. You will find an array of wood-like cabinetry that appears smooth and sleek. You may think that the materials are too flimsy to serve as hold-all for heavy tools and gadgets; but these are actually capable of holding as much as 300 pounds without even sagging. Each shelf is adjustable and has steel reinforcements to enhance its structural integrity. These can be with or without dividers or center posts; thus, versatile enough to serve as a single but large storage space or as a compartmentalized storage solution. Moreover, the cabinets can have solid back panels or have panel grooves instead, as the latter can make in-cabinet organization more flexible.

Off-Floor and Loft Type Cabinets               

Aside from the TFM cabinet’s non-moisture resistant quality, aesthetic appearance, strong-built and adjustable features, TFM custom garage cabinets in Chicago come in off-floor and loft forms. Off-floor models are those appended to the wall several inches above the floor. The loft type, on the other hand, comes in the form of ceiling attachments, as a means to maximize whatever space is available in your garage. You can have several shelves appended side-by-side so you can use them for seasonal sporting equipment such as skis, skateboards, fishing rods, poles, oars and other similar items that take up extended horizontal spaces during storage.

Outfitting your garage with this type of storage solution will make you so proud, you will probably hold garage sales more often than you used to, so you can show off your garage cabinets. Chicago home storage solution providers have installation technicians, who will make sure you will have a picture perfect garage.