Garage Cabinets Naperville and Palatine

The garage cabinet is very important because it is the place where we temporary store different unwanted items as well as storing the sports equipment, large tools, gardening tools, recreational gadgets, left over materials from previous home improvement projects and seasonal appurtenances. Whenever a garage gets overcrowded, it will become quite hard for homeowners to find anything they are looking for. They will be sure that it is in the garage cabinet but they will not be able to find it. So when that happens, it is time to remodel and organize the area with garage cabinets Naperville.

Moisture-Free TFM Garage Cabinets Palatine

Garage cabinets don’t have to cost a lot as they can be quite cheap. In fact, the garage cabinets are better if they are made from TFM (thermally fused melamine) materials. These materials are anything but expensive and they are considered as the best solution for a garage cabinet. This is due to the high resistance of TFM materials to moisture build up. This means that homeowners will feel free to store steel or metal items in closed storage and these items will not suffer from corrosion.

TFM materials are basically décor paper that is combined with resin. It is then attached by heat to a particleboard so it can have a wooden like panel form. Since the back and the front of this particleboard are bonded with TFM, the material becomes non porous which means that it will be less susceptible to any expected moisture buildups. So in a way, TFM is like a laminate but much cheaper because laminate consists of numerous sheets of paper, so it is thicker and more expensive than TFM.

Some people might think that because of the lightweight and the small thickness of TFM, it will not be able to hold heavy gadgets and tools. There is no truth to this as the truth is quite the opposite as TFM can hold up to three-hundred pounds without sagging at the very least. Every shelf of the TFM cabinet can be adjusted and it is reinforced with steel in order to increase the structure integrity. The shelves can come without center posts or dividers or with them, it is a matter of preference. This is why such cabinets are very versatile as they can used as compartmentalized or large storage solutions.

Loft and Off Floor Models

There are other forms of garage cabinets such as Off Floor & Loft type cabinets. The Off Floor models are appended to the garage wall but without touching the ground as they are placed several inches above the level of the garage’s floor. As for the Loft type, it comes in the form of attachments on the ceiling in order to maximize the space that homeowners have in their garages. They can come in several shelves that are appended next to each other. They can be used in order to store seasonal sporting tools like skateboards, poles, fishing rods, oars and skis alongside other equipment.