Garage Epoxy Floor Coatings and their General Maintenance

Maintenance on an epoxy garage is incredibly simple and one of the best benefits of this durable coating. Clean up requires a dust mop for a light dusting. Dust and dirt don’t adhere to the epoxy so it requires hardly any effort. Spills are almost just as easy to clean and will require only a soft cleaning cloth to soak up any fluids leaked by vehicles.

A heavily trafficked garage with an epoxy coating may require cleaning once or twice a quarter. For stronger cleanings, a sponge mop and a cleaning solution will suffice. Hot water is an excellent way to get the floor clean and for tougher spots, a mild cleaning agent can be sprayed and wiped away. Ammonia or Windex can be used for spots that are stubborn.

Tread marks from tires can be a more difficult stain to remove. Simple Green, an all-purpose cleaner is a product that has proven effective in removing tread marks. Goo Gone 12 oz. Spray gel has also worked for some. Soap is not recommended for any stain on epoxy as it can leave streaks on the surface.

Now, oil stains are often considered to be the worst of garage stains. They look terrible, but with epoxy flooring, it really is as simple as wiping up the oil with a cloth. The actual enemy of epoxy flooring, strangely enough, are dairy products. Spilled milk can definitely make an owner of a garage with epoxy coating cry because it leaves a terrible stain on some garage floor coatings. Should this occur, try to clean up the dairy product immediately.

As far as Spring cleaning maintenance, epoxy floors simply don’t need that much attention. They don’t require polishing typically, but for those high traffic garages, sometimes a wax can bring a renewed shine. There are several products at the store that are designed for epoxy floor waxing. However, with epoxy floors that are older; it may be time to refinish the floor.

It is important to note that string mops should not be used on the epoxy coating as it can leave streaks. The best mop to use is a sponge mop to prevent any streaking when cleaning.