Garage Floor Coating – Why do you need them?

In most cases, the floor coatings that are applied over the floor surfaces are designed and applied in order to protect the surface. This is why, being protective layers, they are developed to be durable and tough so they can withstand the pressure and the foot traffic. As a result of the durability, they are most likely to be used in areas where the floor surface is exposed to tear and wear like manufacturing floors, chemical plants and warehouses.

Apart from being used in industrial and commercial facilities, they can also be used as garage floor coverings. This is because they can protect the garage floors from corrosion and heavy abuse. These floor coatings can also be used in order to enhance the garage floor by repairing any damages and cracks which will prevent them from spreading and affecting more areas. This way, these coatings can actually help you save money that you would spend on repairing and maintenance expenses because they will enable your floors to live longer without needing any maintenance.

In the past, some of these garage floor resurfacing materials were not exactly Eco friendly, which made many people avert away from using them. Since more and more people are now aware of the climate change and the effect of the things we use on the environment that surrounds us, many companies are now producing co-friendly coating materials that meet the VOC regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency, which guarantees you the protection of your floors and the safety of the environment. These coatings also have less solvent in order to decrease the level of contamination and evaporation, which makes them basically odorless and safer.

There are three different types of coatings, these types are ceramic coatings, polyurethane and epoxy coatings. The first one, garage floor epoxy, is the best-suited one for refinishing, patching and resurfacing exposed surfaces. The shrinkage of the epoxy coatings is quite low and its durability is high. This is why it is used in industrial facilities as well as garage floors.  Another reason is because it does not only help protect the surface of the garage but it can also enhance its appearance, especially with all of the new decorative epoxy coatings available today.

Epoxy garage floor coverings are also stain and water-resistant. This means that whenever you wash the floor or whenever something is spilled over the surface of the garage floor, it will not be able to seep into the cracks of the concrete. Being stain resistant is important in garages because the floor of the garage is always exposed to water, grease stains and oil stains from the cars. As for the water resistance, it is equally as important because people tend to work on their cars in the garage, which can cause a lot of mess that will need to be cleaned. Therefore, with this kind of concrete coatings, you will be able to use as much water as you can without any worries.