Garage Floor Coatings and Garage Floor Resurfacing

Successful resurfacing of your garage floor can be performed if you have good knowledge of how to prepare the surface, and how to apply the resurfacing material.

Garage floor coatings are usually used to enhance garage floors and provide you with that appealing look that you have been looking for.

Garage Floor Coatings

Garage floor coatings are designed to extend the life of garage floors. They are usually made of epoxy, which repels oil, water and other materials, providing resistance against the contaminants that destroy the garage floor and consequently cause it to fail. They also make clean-up quick and easy.

Epoxy coating is a tough and highly durable finish for garage floors. Not only does epoxy coating provide protection for your garage floor, it can give ugly or boring cement a beautiful appearance.

Used for both commercial and residential applications, epoxy will certainly give your shop or garage a professional, showroom shine that gets attention.

Proper Preparation

Before doing floor resurfacing, it extremely important to determine if there is a coating on the floor. Epoxy coatings are known to react with other floor coatings, so keep in mind polyurethane and latex floor paints cannot be used as substrates for epoxy coating. If one of these are on your garage floor, a professional will need to strip it before applying the epoxy.

Garage Floor Epoxy Application

It’s extremely important that garage floor epoxy is applied correctly or it will not adhere properly. It is also necessary to repair or patch any cracks in the concrete prior to the epoxy being applied.

Certain types of repair work better than others and only professionals have expertise in the use of popular and effective methods.

Quality epoxy floor products usually require multiple coats to ensure a tough and resistant coating that is highly durable. Many times an epoxy primer is applied first in order to achieve the desired result.

Types of Epoxy Floor Coating

When deciding on the type of epoxy floor coating to use, it is crucial to consider first their pros and cons. Each category of epoxy floor coating is mixed with a different type of fluid. Epoxy floor coatings are categorized as solvent-borne epoxy, 100% solids epoxy and waterborne epoxy.

Professional Garage Floor Resurfacing

Resurfacing a garage floor is not a job for amateurs. Hiring a professional to handle the task of resurfacing your garage floor is a smart choice. Why struggle or put yourself through the hassles and inconvenience of resurfacing your garage floor when a professional service is effective, affordable and timely? It takes experience and knowledge to ensure the resurfacing project is done properly.

Epoxy coverings for garage floor resurfacing should always be handled by certified professionals who have proper training in the use of epoxy and its applications.

Their experience working on concrete construction projects, including concrete repair, installation, and concrete floor finishes equips them with the knowledge of what causes garage floor coating to fail.

Professionals can help you achieve a durable, high-quality epoxy floor finish for your garage floor.