Garage Floor Coatings Professionaly Done in West Chester

When considering garage floor coatings, think about practicality, value, the look, and the finish. Many people consider concrete as their basic garage floor coating, however concrete is porous and it is easily stained. Proper flooring for your garage you can clean stains with soap and water and a damp cloth. Having a quality floor coating in your garage will not only look nice but it will increase the overall value of your home. With a quality garage floor coating, your floor will be protected and sealed so that it will last longer and look better. Garage floor coatings can allow you to change the color of your floor, increasing the aesthetic value.

There are a number of floor coverings to choose from. Some of the more popular coatings include:

• Seamless floor coating – This coating provides a solid color finish for the floor with a high sheen. It involves applying a moisture migrating primer coat, followed by two color coats and a final clear coat. This floor coating is typically available in a variety of colors. This type of coating is extremely easy to maintain and looks terrific.

• PVA floor coating — The polyvinyl acetate floor coating is a thermoplastic type of coating that can provide color, contrast and a variety of textures. This type of flooring produces a high gloss finished, textured and beautiful finished product. This coating is resistant to stains and abrasions, is durable and long-lasting.

• Mica floor coating — Mica flooring brings in a touch of nature, allowing unique patterns and texture to your garage floors. These floors are UV resistant, resilient and durable. They offer a variety of colors. and they look great too.

• Polyurea Polyaspartic floor coatings — this type of flooring is a subgroup of polyurethane. It mixes with a catalyst to cause the reaction that makes the material hard. It is more flexible than epoxy. The two biggest advantages of this type of floor covering is that it can be applied in temperatures as low as -30° to as high as 140°. Time is also a benefit. This can be applied within one day and your garage is finished. This flooring is UV stable and has a high gloss finish. It is stain and chemical resistant.

These are just a few of the garage floor coatings to choose from. They will help make your garage floor and looked nicer, be easier to maintain and will help it last longer.