Garage Floor Covering Philadelphia PA Services

Garage floors wear out after some time, and a number of things that lead to their wearing out include greases, oils, types of vehicles and moisture. Concrete floors expand and shrink; as a result, they crack. Repairing of a damaged floor can be complicated more so if it has cracks. Furthermore, establishing the right solution for the floor can be difficult, and most floor issues may require a garage floor covering Philadelphia PA expert to access and give a lasting solution.

Garage Door Resurfacing

Garage door resurfacing is a procedure meant to reshape and improve the condition of the garage floor. Resurfacing helps to convert the garage into a living room apart from repairing it. In addition, it increases their durability. There are many things included in resurfacing such as evaluation of the floor, polishing, epoxy coatings, floor covering, insulation, and overlays. The type of resurfacing chosen depends on the condition of the floor.


A professional must analyze the floor before the repair begins. The analysis is important in unraveling the appropriate solution needed for the floor. Besides, the professional can also recommend fixing issues different from that of the client. Since resurfacing is a complex process, clients should take care in their selection of professionals for their projects. However, most garage floor covering Philadelphia PA firms have good technicians.

Floor Covering

The floor covering is one of the ways to improve the appearance of the garage. Floor tiles are the most common materials for garage floors. There are three types of floor tiles used- flexible rubber tiles, rigid plastic tiles and wood composite tiles. Each of these tiles has its distinctiveness. Another material used for flooring is mat. Mats are only good at hiding the ugliness of the floor; they do not help to preserve the floor.

Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coating works well with concrete floors. Unlike most common paints that last for a short time, epoxy coating is durable. An epoxy coat forms a protective layer on the floor, hence preventing it from damage. Contrary to popular beliefs, epoxy coating is very challenging. Apart from coming from different manufacturers, the details of the broadcast coats also differ among manufacturers. Epoxy coating can be applied sparsely or densely depending on the condition of the floor. Moreover, they can be applied in several patterns, hence giving your garage a new look. Epoxy coating takes some time to dry.


Painting is one of the common resurfacing surfaces offered by firms in Philadelphia, PA. Painting solves issues caused by greases, oils, lubricants, and rust. Additionally, it protects the floor from damage by aspects such as moisture. A well-painted floor can last for a long time. The most common type of paint used is a latex paint.


An overlay is a procedure that involves mounting a new layer of concrete on the current floor. Overlays solve floor issues that are more complex for epoxy coats or paints. Nonetheless, they are effective in the context that they form a strong layer on the old floor.


Polishing is a highly technical method of floor resurfacing. Unlike other methods, it is not a do-it-yourself method because it requires equipment and expertise. Furthermore, most firms do not provide it. It involves developing a quality floor surface, which is not damaged easily by machines. Therefore, it is important to hire a competent contractor for the task.