Garage Floor Coverings before Expoxies

Prior to modern epoxies, there were few options for garage floor coverings. The main floor covering of those times was merely paint. However, paint solved a lot of issues related to the problem with garage floors. Concrete is porous by nature and because of this, fluids leak easily into the concrete surface causing irreparable stains.

Additionally, water and other fluids that leak into the surface could swell due to freezing and crack it causing unsightly cracks and not leveled, dangerous floors. This becomes a hazard in both residential and commercial garages. Paint prevented these issues but only somewhat. Paint could also be easily installed by non-professionals and still be effective.

However, there are still many issues that painting a garage floor does not prevent. Additionally, maintaining a painted floor requires a lot of maintenance. This required maintenance often involves repainting the entire floor multiple times annually. In a commercial operation, this would involve much work and expense.

For the homeowner, this is also an expensive endeavor and requires much time to apply. Even when the surface is applied properly, it can be slick if the proper measures were not taken in choosing the paint. Painted floors are also limited in the scope of customization that is possible, and they do not improve the floor’s structural integrity.

With the advent of modern epoxies, a covering was invented that not only advanced the benefits of a painted floor, but in the correct application, epoxies can also add structural integrity to the floor. Epoxy products are available in most home improvement stores.

They vary in effectiveness and in type, but they are made to be installed by novices and common homeowners. Additionally, these products are limited in their available types. However, in order for epoxies to be effective, they must be installed properly. In many cases, homeowners lack the ability, knowledge and equipment to properly install these amateur-based products.

The most effective and attractive epoxy floors are installed by professional installers. Professional installers possess the knowledge and experience needed to insure the proper installation, adhesion and final product. These professionals can assess the situation and adjust installation to suit the myriad of circumstances presented with covering a garage floor with an epoxy coating. They also have greater access to superior products. This is not only necessary for a proper installation, but it also offers an almost unlimited amount of options by which the covering can be customized.

However, the most important determinant of the proper outcome is the preparation and the right garage floor covering Wilmington DE installers. Garage floors must be cleaned and prepared properly. This is even more important when considering that an improper job may be permanent. This fact alone makes hiring professionals to install epoxy floor coverings the only method to ensure that the final product is beautiful, impervious and effective. The professionally applied coatings are also a very thick application as compared to over the counter epoxy products.

These professional products can also be opaque or transparent with a myriad selection of logos and other beautification products embedded.