Garage Floor Epoxy Can Change Your Garage’s Look

A plain, bare concrete floor is usually not much to look at, but you can do more with it if you hire a professional coating company to put epoxy on it. Epoxy coatings make garage floors as visually appealing as new kitchen linoleum, and your garage will look much more like a car showroom if you decide to get epoxy for it. Your floor will also be protected in case you drop a hammer or drag heavy objects across it, and you can also get epoxy installed that has a slip-resistant formula mixed in with it. But you should only let professionals install your garage floor coatings because there are several things they can do.

Professional floor coating installers have experience that amateurs don’t have, and this usually makes for a safer installation of epoxy. Epoxy can be a health hazard if its not handled properly, and professionals can make sure that no injuries are caused or property becomes damaged by it. Professional installers also use high-quality epoxies, which are very different than cheap products that local home retail stores sell, and you need a top product if you want top results. Also, professional installers can inform you if you need to do any floor preparation before installation, other than clearing out tools or vehicles from the garage.

The time that it takes the epoxy to be installed on the floor usually depends on the extent of the pre-installation work. If there aren’t very many cracks or areas leaking a lot of moisture, the process should go very quickly. If there are a lot of cracks or areas that need patching, the process could take a little longer. The epoxy flooring Philadelphia PA installers will usually smooth and clear the dust off your floor before any application is done using advanced power tools for improved results.

Depending on which kind of epoxy you want them to install or the kind that they offer, they might prep the floor with a primer. A primer could also ensure that moisture doesn’t seep into the regular epoxy coatings. Once the primer is dry, they will usually lay the coating that has the finish type on it. That finish could be speckled, an mix of chipped colors, or a solid color. Then usually a top layer is placed down to seal the floor. Depending on what your installers recommend, the floor will usually be ready to use again in about 24 hours.