Garage Floor Epoxy Flooring

The garage can be used not only for cars, but as a studio, home theater, office or a shop. Garage floor resurfacing increases the value of a home, covers imperfections such as cracks and stains and brightens up the space. Whether it is a new garage or an old one, the floor covering is essential as it gives the garage a brighter look and reduces the damage of the floor.

The Different Methods of Resurfacing and Covering Garage Floors.
One of the common methods used is the stamped overlay system which adds aesthetic appeal and protects the floor from debris and stains. The system duplicates texture and beauty of natural brick, wood or stone.

The acid stain method does not peel or crack and has several colors, design and gloss options. The third way is the color-dyed floors which are either solvent based dyes or water based dyes. They have a translucent color and thus do not cover imperfections if used for resurfacing.

Garage floor carpeting includes interlocking tiles and roll on mats protect the concrete from stains and oil spills. Polyaspartic Polyureas is a garage floor protector that is used for its decorative and durable features. Other methods used are garage floor sealers which can be clear or tinted covers and also floor paints.

Epoxy garage floor coating is becoming a top choice in garage flooring due to its many advantages. It is a sealant for concrete floors that uses resin and polyamine hardener. The thermosetting resin applied as coating bonds with a floor that is well prepared. It is a cost-effective finish which does not require repair because it resists wear. Epoxy gives the floor a good look and is available in many colors and patterns to match a person’s style. It is durable as it is resistant to damage which can be brought by impacts and abrasion. Therefore, one needs not worry about heavy equipment falling on the floor as it will not chip.

Epoxy flooring is non-porous meaning it can resist water and stains making it easy to clean water spills, grease, oil, gasoline, ice brines and dirt. It is safe as it is resistant to fire and temperature and it also prevents chemical breakdown.

An epoxy coating is smooth and polished, and its reflective property brightens up a garage. It is anti-dusting as there are no cement powders in an epoxy floor, and is environment friendly. It is the best for garage floor resurfacing as it covers all imperfections making a damaged, stained and cracked floor look new.

It is important to hire a licensed professional because the preparations can be time-consuming and a professional who is already used to the job will do it with ease and thus save time. Some floor coatings require several steps which an amateur may overlook leading to a disappointing result.

A professional will ensure the safety of your garage when handling equipment and flammable ingredients. If one is using floor paint, it is important to seek a professional who knows the best kinds of paints available in the market. They will also ensure the surface matches the climatic conditions of your location to ensure durability and safety of the floor.