Garage Floor Epoxy

Epoxy Flooring Philadelphia PA

A garage clean up and upgrade is not complete without a nice, colorful, cool, shiny epoxy floor coating which will have you as well as your car feeling like your garage is a fancy automotive showroom each time you drive home into your garage.

An epoxy flooring philadelphia pa professionally applied epoxy finish not only creates a professional look but it also protects by providing a coating which resists all oil stains, destructive beads of water, and provides the owner with the ability to clean the garage floor as if it were a kitchen counter.

The use of color patterns and color chips as well as custom paints can cover annoying imperfections that may be present in the concrete. The additive antiskid included in the epoxy provides that needed grip a driver needs on those snowy days. With proper preparation one’s garage can be resurfaced over the course of one weekend.

Applying any epoxy coating to a garage concrete floor can be as easy as painting walls. The key is the prep work. The initial step is to select the color choices, measure the garage space to be resurfaced, thoroughly clean out the garage and prepare for the application of the epoxy.

To bond properly with the concrete floor, an epoxy requires an even and a totally clean surface. This means that if patches for any small potholes or cracks in the garage is required, then that work should be completed prior to the application of the epoxy. The concrete cannot be new and must be at least sixty days old from installation. The concrete must also be unsealed.

If the garage floor needs to be stripped for any reason one should remember that the process of stripping the floor does not clean the floor. Otherwise any residue grease or dirt will most likely compromise the adhesion of the epoxy. This cleaning process must not be rushed and should be done meticulously.

A normal garage floor epoxy coating kit will come with everything that one will need to complete the job. One should examine their kit before begin the resurfacing process. Based on the nature of the resurfacing job and the size of the garage, extra supplies may be needed. Do not be afraid to add an extra coat if that is what is required. If you decide to add color based flakes, this will aid in hiding the concrete’s imperfections.

Once the garage floor has been cleaned it is now ready for the garage floor epoxy coating. At this point it all depends on timing. It is best to choose a day when the concrete will not be damp from any rain and when the temperature is somewhere between fifty degrees and eighty degrees. Anything outside of these parameters could cause the epoxy application to bubble or peel.

Once the epoxy paint and hardener are mixed, you normally only have around 2 hours to complete the application. After the painting is completed the normal drying time can be 12 to 24 hours. Once the entire floor is done, you should hold off parking the car on the surface for at least 72 hours.