Garage Floor Resurfacing Options

Garages aren’t just for parking cars anymore. Instead they’ve become workshops, showrooms for cars, tools and toys, practice areas for bands and apartments for teens and others. One key to transforming any garage is the type of floor covering that’s used on the floor. There are many very effective aesthetically pleasing options. Some people choose polyaspartic coating, epoxy coatings, paint, tiles or mats. All of them work well and are available in a range of colors and textures. These coverings look good and withstand grease, oil and harsh chemicals as well.

Polyaspartic Coatings

High performance polyaspartic coatings are a garage floor covering that’s growing in popularity. They give the garage floor a terrazzo-like seamless finish that looks great yet can withstand car and truck traffic. It also resists oil and grease as well as the many chemicals that commonly spill on garage floors. Some people add decorative vinyl chips to it to enhance its looks.

Containment Mats

Garage floor containment mats are another excellent option. The mats are ideal for protecting the garage floor from road salts, oils and all manner of fluids. They also help prevent slip and fall accidents and stop water from freezing on the floor overnight. The mats help keep the garage floor clean and can hold gallons of water that drips off your vehicles for days. This keeps it off the garage floor.


Epoxy coatings are probably the most common choice when it comes to garage floors resurfacing. Two-part epoxy floor coatings are tough, long-lasting and very attractive. It leaves a thick, hard surface that cures within hours. It can stand up to foot and vehicle traffic for years. Plus it’s relatively inexpensive so most homeowners can afford it.

Flooring Tiles

Tiles are another type of floor covering that can transform a garage floor from a mess to a beautiful foundation. There are three common types of tiles that are used on garage floors. They are plastic or flexible rubber tiles, rigid plastic tiles and wood composite tiles. All of these can be used to quickly turn your garage into a showplace or a useful addition to your home. The tiles are easy to install, affordable, durable and look great.

Stampable Overlays

Many people opt for stampable overlays when redoing their garage floor. The overlays provide a textured surface that can look like wood, brick, tile, stone or any natural material. Ranging in thickness from 1/4 to 5/8 of an inch, the overlays are a breeze to install, cures in 24 hours, comes in a variety of colors and can take light traffic within 36 hours after installation. The result is a 3-dimensional textured look that lasts for years.


Microtoppings use a thin coat of polymers to create a great looking, abrasion-resistant, durable floor covering. They are easy to apply, dry quickly and come with a range of finishes. People often use them in combination with concrete dyes or stains. Many people use this floor covering in commercial and residential spaces.