Garage Spring Cleaning Tips, Part I

Two Men with Boxes Containing Household Items
Spring is here, which means it’s time for spring cleaning! Most of us have a habit of just accumulating “stuff” as the year goes by, or of not keeping things as organized as we could, and that includes our garages. This is a great time to improve your garage with some thorough spring cleaning and to follow it up with a facelift with an epoxy garage floor resurfacing from Floorguard.

Make a plan, and recruit help: If you’re reading this blog, you’re already working on this step. Rather than just jumping in without direction, make a concrete plan for how you will conduct your garage spring cleaning, and recruit help from your partner, kids, or friends if you need it.

Clear it all out: To organize and clean your garage, you’ll need a clean slate. Pull everything out so that the space is clear. (Pick a day when it isn’t supposed to rain if you’ll be putting everything in your driveway, or if your project is really big, consider renting a portable storage unit to keep all of your belongings in.)

Group everything you pulled out of your garage: Group your items by what you plan to keep, what you plan to donate, what you plan to recycle, what you plan to sell, and what you plan to throw away.

These are just a few steps for getting a good head start on spring cleaning your garage. After completing these steps, it’s a good time for your garage floor resurfacing project from Floorguard! Once your floors are beautiful, you can continue with your cleaning and organizing project to achieve a great garage space.