Garage Spring Cleaning Tips: Part II

Clean Garage FloorSpring is a time of renewal when the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the flowers are blooming. Spring cleaning is a task that may not encompass all of the joyful components of spring, but it can be incredibly satisfying and leave you feeling accomplished and proud of your home. In Part 1 of this blog series, we recognized how daunting of a task garage cleaning can be and focused on how the best way to get started is to make a plan. In Part II, we will explore some tips that highlight how to put that plan into action.


Organize items into:

  • Things that you want to keep
  • Things you want to donate
  • Things you need to throw away or recycle

Once the items to be donated are all accounted for, we encourage you not to hesitate, just load them up in the car and drop them off. You may have to take more than one trip but getting those items out of the way will be a boon to your progress. The same thing with trash – just bag it up, put it in the bin, and don’t look back.

Sweep & Wash

Take everything out of your garage, even the items you plan on keeping, and do a complete clean of every surface. Sweep the floors, hose it out, wash the windows, and wipe down the walls. Having epoxy flooring can make the sweeping process a lot easier. At this stage you may want to consider upgrading the floors of your garage since everything is out of the way, so make that a part of the plan we discussed in Part 1.


Hopefully, before you start moving items back into your garage you have already planned out where they are going and have purchased any necessary organizational items. Once all of the items are in place you can drive your vehicles back in (or maybe fit them in for the first time) and bask in the pride of your accomplishment.

Contact the team at Floorguard and ask about installing a maintenance-free garage floor epoxy system. It not only looks amazing but enables you to keep your garage spotless.