Garage Spring Cleaning Tips, Part II

Two Male Technicians Installing a Garage Door Opener Track
In part one of this blog we talked about the steps you should take to start your garage spring cleaning, and once those steps are completed, it’s a great time for getting your epoxy concrete floor installed by Floorguard. Once your new flooring is installed, it’s time to move on to the next part of your garage spring cleaning.

Wipe down and clean all surfaces: The process of installing your new flooring may have stirred up some dust, so wipe down walls, windowsills, and any other permanent surfaces, and wipe down and clean your shelving and other storage systems before moving them back in.

Inspect your garage door opener: While your garage is cleared out, it’s a good time to inspect your garage door opener. If your opener needs maintenance or repairs, it will be easier for a technician to move about and do their job if the space is clear.

Put away the items you plan to keep: Now that cleaning and maintenance have been done, it’s time to put away the items you’re keeping. While doing so, keep in mind what you use most often and make those items most accessible, and also check out our previous blogs about what not to store in your garage to make sure you aren’t storing anything in there that you shouldn’t.

Spring is a great time for cleaning and updating your garage with a new epoxy concrete floor from Floorguard. Once your garage space is clean and beautiful, your family will have an effective space to go about your daily lives.