Garages are multi-functional rooms

Ask any professional that fixes concrete for a living what the best way to protect and improve the look and function of concrete is and they will most likely tell you that epoxy is by far the best option. This is because it does so much more than simply improve the look. It seals and protects your concrete. This, in turn, ensures that your concrete doesn’t split, crack, cave or stain. Preventing all of these issues is important to the value and sustainability of your garage, home, or business.

Garages are multi-functional rooms nowadays, so they need to versatile and prepared for whatever use they’re needed for. Some garages are storage areas, some still house cars, some are workshops, and some are play areas. Whatever your garage is used for, protecting it and making sure it looks its best should be your number one priority. Now, why is epoxy the “best of the best” for a protected, beautiful, functional, and versatile garage?

To start, let’s go back to the basics and identify what makes an epoxy coating. Epoxy is made with epoxy resin as well as polyamine hardener. The resin is a thermosetting resin while the hardener is what gives epoxy that hard, strong, and durable finish that professionals love so much. Through this mixture, the extremely popular epoxy coating is the perfect product to seal and protect your concrete.

Whether your kids drop toys on the floor, a tool scrapes the concrete, a car skids entering the garage, or even if a storage bin falls from the top shelf your floor will not give into the potential accidents that may occur, nor will it incur any damages.

In addition to covering an entire garage, epoxy can also be used for spot treatments. This way, small cracks can be filled in and covered. Most homeowners don’t realize that concrete can produce a powder causing your garage to seem dusty and dirty. This dust can then be tracked throughout the house from shoes, clothes, and other items brought into the house from the garage. The best fix for this is also an epoxy coating because the epoxy coating will seal the concrete within your garage and prevent it from releasing the dust and powder up into your garage’s space.

As you can tell, there are many reasons that professionals everywhere are beginning to love and recommend epoxy floor coatings. They are the most versatile, most durable, and longest lasting option on the market and this is why homeowners everywhere are taking advantage of this amazing product.