Garages Don’t Have To Be For Cars And Dust

Homeowners should always hire a garage floor coverings Philadelphia PA professional during a floor renovation project. If a garage floor is contaminated, accidents may occur quite often. A professional installation technician always implements the proper procedures to lower the chance of slipping.

Choosing a Garage Floor

The cheapest garage floor improvement option is a basic coat of paint. Paint gives the floor an extra layer of protection and enhances its overall look. However, the biggest issue is that a painted floor doesn’t last a long time. This is why you must repaint the surfaces about once a year or more. Without a fresh coat of paint, the floor will no longer have an efficient layer of protection.

An epoxy coating is a better investment; although it has a higher price tag, many homeowners still install the covering because it provides a quality finish. Epoxy also offers greater protection because it is very durable.

Additional Epoxy Coating Benefits

An epoxy cover has a thick coating, so it can easily hide flaws and spider cracks. Also, because the coating is a sealer, it prevents heavy dust build-ups. Dust usually gathers in a garage after the powder from a cement floor sheds. When people walk on the concrete, they kick the dusty power into the air. As a result, dust covers storage items, vehicles, and tool benches. Homeowners who install an epoxy coating never have dust issues.

Epoxy coverings also blocks moisture; this is why they are often installed in snowy climates. During the winter, the coverings help homeowners remove road salts and icy brines much easier.

Professional garage floor coverings Philadelphia PA installers usually add acrylic flakes to garage floors because they make the surfaces less slippery after they are mopped. They may also add a slip resistant aggregate if a floor needs additional grip.

Overall, an epoxy coating is ideal for hobbyists and mechanics because the coating resists stains oils, gasoline, and various chemicals. In addition, the coating will not damage if someone drags tool boxes or heavy machinery on the floor.

Other Garage Flooring Options

Tile flooring is a more expensive flooring option, but it gives a garage a very unique look. Since tiles have interlocking functions, the installation cost is very affordable. If you have a concrete floor in your garage, an installer can place the tiles on top on the concrete if it is in decent condition.