Happy Garages Have Epoxy Flooring Wayne, PA

Epoxy flooring Wayne, PA in your garage not only looks fantastic but it also protects your floor from leaks, drops and spills. Radiator leaks can be corrosive. Battery acid and antifreeze or also extremely dangerous to children and pets. Even when you wipe these from cement there is residue that attracts animals, particularly dogs. Garage floor epoxy will protect the floor from corrosion due to chemicals, detergents and even chips from tools being dropped. It could even eventually save the life of your family pet.

Garage floor coatings Wayne, PA can also be a way to have a professional and clean looking work space whether you are a professional or a “back yard mechanic” only on the weekends. Garage floor resurfacing is also a way to add value to your home. So many times the focus of remodels is the interior living space of the family home. The garage space can also add value to your property by serving as a neat and tidy storage area or even doubling as a family room.

Garage floor covering Wayne, PA is available in many colors and the designs are only limited by your imagination. Black and white checkerboard patterns, stripes in any color or order are bright ways to dress up your space and make it clear that this is your space. Logos can be added to business floors for an even more professional finish.

The process of coating the floor is not overly difficult. Thoroughly cleaning the floor so that the epoxy will adhere properly is an absolute must. Any surface abnormalities should be repaired first. After applying the epoxy and it is completely dry, adding a clear coat to it will add protection and shine. This also makes cleaning the floor much easier as spills of oil, transmission fluid and antifreeze are no longer able to seep into the cement underneath. Once you wipe and clean the floor there is no residual effect contrary to these spills on bare, untreated cement.

Many types of businesses could greatly benefit from this type of flooring solution as it is also relatively inexpensive. Kennels, kitchens, automotive service and repair centers and even convenience stores could use this as a great way to spruce up the space and protect the underlying cement from potential future damage.

Options are available from companies specializing in epoxy work to do it yourself kits. Contact local companies or retailers for prices and warranties. Contractors are also available to handle your flooring needs. Do not forget that you will not only be protecting your floors but you will be adding value as well. The protection from future damage will most likely save you money I addition to the increased value of your home or business.