Having Your Garage Floor Finished

When people think of home renovations and maintenance the garage is often one of the last places that they think of. However some simple renovations to your garage floor can reverberate to increase your home value and make your garage a more attractive and practice place to work.

One garage renovation that is particularly useful to a home owner is the application of an epoxy coating to your garage floor. Many people think of an epoxy coating on their garage floor as something akin to painting their floor. While this is not a bad way to think of an epoxy coat, the benefits of an epoxy quote are so much more than an simple paint job which is more of an renovation done for purely aesthetic reasons and one that does not last a significant period of time.

Having said that an epoxy coat on your floor even has an aesthetic advantage over paint; it can be done in a wide range of colors and even with unique and customer designs (such as your initials or favorite sports team), and has a quality of having people stop when they see an epoxy coat, simply stunned at how beautiful it looks on your garage floor.

As noted above, an epoxy coat on your garage floor is more than just a pretty paint job. It protects the garage floor from oil stains and the like which can protect the floor. Further it prevents your garage floor from chips in the cement and other damage. Epoxy is made from an acrylic latex substance which hardens through a chemical reaction that gives the epoxy strength and makes it a more durable substance.

This strength helps to protect the garage floor from chemicals, chips and breakage, and just day to day wear and tear. In addition, an epoxy prevents from damage from moisture which can crack and freeze. The epoxy coat on your garage floor prevents it from seeping into the cracks and expanding when it freezes leading to more damage.

An epoxy also prevents uneven looks if it is applied properly. Some people will try to apply an epoxy coating only to find that they are not up to the job or don’t apply the epoxy effectively. Overall it is not only easier but also better to have a professional apply an epoxy themselves.

When an epoxy is applied it needs to be applied to a perfectly clean surface so it can effectively bind to the concrete. Professionals use professional grade power washers and make sure the floor is clean and dry before the epoxy is applied. Any paint that is on the floor as well as stains need to be thoroughly removed so the epoxy can be properly applied. For a home owner trying to do it himself this is too big a job but a professional can easily apply the epoxy coating in s beautiful manner that lets your garage stand out in your home.

Your neighbors and friends will be thoroughly impressed with your garage floor covering in Wayne PA.