Hiring Professionals To Apply Epoxy Garage Floor Covering

Why Get An Epoxy Garage Floor Covering?

Epoxy is kind of floor coating that protects the surface of concrete floors from dents or other wear and tear that can occur from driving vehicles, moving heavy material, or just typical workshop usage of a garage. It’s an extremely durable covering that when applied right can last for many years, and it makes for an easy job cleaning and maintaining the garage. It also gives your garage some cosmetic appeal because instead of having just a rough patch of concrete slab making up the floor, it also has some color tone in it and the top coat that’s applied has some gloss in it to give the floor a cleaner shinier look.

Why Have A Professional Do Your Floor?

Most professionals that apply garage floor coverings charge a flat rate based on square feet that will be covered, so when you hire a professional you’ll usually get a fair quote right away. Also professionals will be able to tell you if your floor or garage is suited for an epoxy covering and if there is anything that needs to be done to prevent any elements such as moisture vapor from coming from the garage floor. And since applying epoxy coats has to be done just right to get the best results and ensure the garage floor is not damaged by any mishaps, professional installers are the best choice for the job, especially since most offer their customers an installation warranty.

What’s The Process Like For Installing Epoxy Covering?

Usually epoxy garage floor coverings are installed in multiple layers of coats with some prep work done on the floor before they’re applied. Usually the installer will grind the floor with a cement grinder and get rid of all the dust so that the surface has the proper feel for the epoxy resin. Then a primer coat is usually applied first so that the main layers have a good surface to bond to. Then usually the coating that contains the floor color is applied next, followed by the finish layer that serves as the luster layer or to give the floor its shine. Depending on the professional’s recommendations, they may install an extra layer in the process to give the floor protection from the sun if the garage has windows that take in direct sunlight.