Home Improvement With Garage Floor Coverings

Priorities seem to be changing in the world of home improvement. It seems like many years ago garages were used as a storage area filled with boxes and the floors were covered in oil, dirt and grime. Recently, it seems like more people are converting their garages into an extra room for hanging out in. According to The National Association of Homebuilders more than $2.5 billion dollars is being spent by Americans to upgrade their garages. One of the most popular things being done these days is garage floor coverings. When you decide to resurface the floors there are many steps involved to make sure everything is done correctly. Hiring a professional will help ensure that the garage floor coverings are properly applied and the job gets done right the first time.

The first step in resurfacing the garage floor should be an inspection of the floor. A professional should be looking for any cracks, splits or any other damage that needs to be repaired before the floor is prepped for coating. After an inspection has been complete the next step is to clean the entire floor. In order to proceed to the remaining steps the floor should be free of any stains, oil and even old dried paint. Once the cleaning is complete and the floor is fully dried an application of muriatic acid should go down. Once the muriatic acid is dry the floor can be prepped for primer using a polymer coat. The primer needs to be completely dry before any sanding that may need to be done to smooth out the surface of the floor. After these steps have been completed the final step is to add two coats of epoxy paint. It is important to allow enough time between each application for the floor to fully dry before applying the next coat. During the epoxy paint application it is important for there to be adequate ventilation because the paint produces very strong fumes. Once all these steps have been executed the new garage floor coverings will look amazing with a beautiful decorative finish.

After your garage floor have been complete you can admire the new floors which are now sealed. The floors being sealed will help protect the ground from grease, grime and oil. Another advantage to having the floors sealed is for cleaning purposes. A newly sealed floor will be a lot easier to clean which helps maintain the beautiful new look.

There are many types of floor coverings that may be applied to enhance the look of your garage. It just depends on personal preference and style to choose the perfect flooring for your garage.