How can Epoxy Floors Help you Fight the Hot Tire Marks

The garages are always the least used space in the house, but on the other hand, it is the place that receives the most abuse. This is a result of the heavy tools that are usually stored in the garage and they are usually dragged across the floors. On top of that, it is where cars get parked, so there is a lot of driving in and backing out of the garage which adds a tremendous amount of stress on the floor. The garage floors also suffer from oil leaks, AC runoff, other fluid leaks and of course, the hot tire marks.

These hot tire marks are the most annoying problem of them all because it leaves a big mark on the floor, which can be very unpleasant to look at. These hot tire marks cannot be cleaned with regular cleaning solutions or even special ones, they just stick to the concrete floor. Contrary to what most people believe, these marks are not created because of low quality garage floor coverings, in fact, it is always the fault of the tires themselves.

The composition of the car’s tires and how they react to the expected heat buildup is always the problem. In order for the tires to be referred to as high quality tires, they have to include any polymer material in their composition. On the other hand, the polymer leaves these hot tire impressions on the floor when they are heated while they are moving.  So one of the ways of getting rid of the hot tire marks is to use low quality tires that do not have any polymers in their compositions. This is obviously not the best course of action because a low quality tire can compromise your safety and it can blow up unexpectedly while you are on the road.

The other way to approach this problem and to get rid of these hot tire marks is by installing more powerful and highly resistant garage floor coverings. The best type is epoxy flooring. These floors are durable and they are highly resistant to many chemicals and they can last for a great number of years. You will simply get it applied once on your garage floor and you will not have to worry once again about it for years to come.

The best part is the fact that they are resistant to these tire marks. When the tires are heated, they will still leave a mark, but this mark will be cleaned with ease by using just soap and water, as they do not stick to the floors. You also do no need to worry about using too much water because epoxy flooring is highly resistant to water, oil stains and other chemicals. This means that epoxy floors are simply the best type of flooring for your garage.  You will find many service providers who will be able to remove the old flooring system and replace it with epoxy.