How Does Epoxy Flooring Work?

Your garage needs to have one of the most durable surfaces in your home. Between tools, cars and storage, the flooring of your garage must be able to withstand constant abuse. One of the most durable and toughest finishes that can be applied to a garage floor is epoxy coating. It protects the floor but can also transform you existing boring floor into a professional-looking surface. Since your garage is no longer only a storage space for your car, the multiple benefits of an epoxy finish has made it a top choice for industrial and residential owners alike.

What is Garage Floor Resurfacing?

A garage floor resurfacing refers to the re-application of concrete over the existing surface. This restores cracks and pitting that have developed in the concrete over many years. The result is the floor looking fresh and new a modest price. By adding epoxy coating, it will give a showroom shine while protecting the concrete from damage. A large job like resurfacing is best left for garage flooring Wayne PA professionals due to convenience and safety factors.

Benefits of Floor Resurfacing of Epoxy

Why is epoxy coating the best finish for your garage floor coverings Wayne PA? In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it offers the following advantages:


One nice feature of epoxy coating is that it does not collect dust. The majority of garage dust is the result of powder from the cement floor. This is kicked up into the air with normal traffic and can collect on items within the garage.


The best reason to purchase epoxy coating is the material is resistant and resilient to impacts, stains, chemicals, chipping and surface abrasion. If you drop a wrench or a bicycle falls over, you do not need to worry about damaging the floor.

Easy Cleaning

With a small amount of soap and water, the floor can be clean and shiny in no-time. Given the chemical makeup of the material, there is really nothing that can stick directly to the floor. Any remaining dust that has settled can be gathered with a mop or soft broom.

Elimination of Minor Imperfections    

Due to the thickness of the coating, minor imperfections like cracks or flaws will be hidden. This keeps your garage floor looking beautiful year-round. Also, cracks tend to expand over time due to wear and tear. With epoxy coating, this is not an issue as the cracks are filled in by the coating and cannot return due to its durability.

Moisture Resistance

The chemical makeup of topical coatings also makes the surface moisture resistant. This is excellent for those who live in snowy climates as ice and salt can easily be cleaned off the floor when tracked in from the outside.

Whether you are planning to turn your garage into a show room for cars and storage or just want the best protection available, epoxy is an excellent material that gives you a great return on the dollar. Remember to contact experts of garage flooring Wayne PA today for assistance.