How Specialty Epoxy Floor Coatings Can Beautify Your Home or Office

Floor coatings protect and extend the life of your floors by sealing out moisture and protecting the surface from damage that occurs from chips, cracks and water drainage. Epoxy floor coatings are a durable, economical solution for revitalizing cement floors in your house or garage. They are easy to clean and can last up to 10 years before needing to be resurfaced.

What is an Epoxy Coating?

You may have heard the term “epoxy” in reference to glue or adhesives made for model airplanes. This was the earliest use of the product. Epoxy floor coatings are created by combining an epoxide resin and a polyamine hardener together. These two layers bond together to create a coating that is hard enough to resist chips and cracks. The solution is applied as a liquid which then sets in a process known as “curing” where it becomes a solid. An example of this would be similar to applying a coating to a truck bed liner. It’s not exactly the same, but you get the idea.

The Benefits of Epoxy vs Floor Paint

Many homeowners opt for floor paint to refresh old concrete floor. While this is an economical solution, paint is not as durable and not an eco-friendly solution either. Besides creating a beautiful, high-gloss finish, the multiple layers of resin and polymer creates a surface that will resist the toughest wear and tear and will not show any chips or cracks if something is dropped on it. Water or latex-base floor paint does not offer the same benefits.

What Type of Floor Can I Use it on?

Epoxy floor coatings are most commonly used for concrete floors in a variety of home and industrial settings such as in kitchens, garages, storage spaces, hospitals(for high-gloss and slip-resistance), office buildings, schools and more. It can be applied over concrete, tile, vinyl or metal and is more durable than similar types of floor paint because it bonds to the floor’s surface and will not flake or peel off like paint.

There are many advantages to this type of floor coating and not many disadvantages. It is chosen most often because it provides a cleaner, dust-free environment in places that are known to be germ magnets like hospitals, nursing homes, and elementary schools. As long as the coating is applied properly and bonds to the surface, it will last for many, many years.

No matter what type of floor you want to improve, an epoxy coating will result in a decorative, long-lasting flooring solution which can be applied to old or new floors.